(KOF12)Requesting a quick summery of each character's play style


If you were to write a very short explanation about Zangief to a total SF noob it would probably be something like:
“He’s big and slow;Tries to get close;Once he’s in he has great ticks and mixups of hit/command throw”

I think a quick summery like this on the cast of KOF12 will help noobs such as myself find a team who suits them.
Try considering the KOF12 movelists rather than basing the explanations on older games and also consider the dynamics of the team for ex. which character is good as a battery, a super-gauge user etc. etc.

Thanks in advance :china:


Check out the KOF12 strategy guide too man. Has a good section on explaining how to use characters in certain situations.




Correct me if I’m wrong, but in XII it seems like you just pick three characters you are solid with rather than worrying about team dynamics. You can’t build multiple gauges and the one you do build fills relatively quickly. So I don’t think the whole first character battery thing really applies here.


What is Rtsd?

Also, the official Brady strategy guide is your best bet, am definitely picking it up also.


Rush That Shit Down, which works better in this game than in sf4 :tup:


Oh right, hehe. But man you can’t really rushdown in a SF game anyway, well at least not at the level as in KOF games, thats for sure, and yeah in this game KOF XII, you will be mostly R(ushing)TSD!!