A new interesting bug has surfaced recently in The King of Fighters XIII, the Ghost Cross Up glitch, and Team Chaos L.A. have discovered some interesting combos by exploiting this new glitch. This combo video also displays other normal combos as well with some interesting set ups never seen before. http://www.facebook.com/teamchaosL.A


New glitch found by Team Chaos L.A. that causes your character to teleport from side to side, allowing to do some interesting combugs.The procedure is as follows:1) The dummy should be hit from the back (roll behind the opponent with AB while doing a move or hitting a running opponent from the back).2) The combos must begin with close C or D (works better with D), cancelling into MAX Mode with BC while holding back by doing so.3) If everything goes well, your character will teleport in front of the opponent, allowing to continue the combo from the other side


I like that K’ crossup and that Iori corner combo with his QCFx2 Super and apparent new HD combo. The rest was just fucking around and not very likely to happen in a real match.


snk get on this…n the netcode