Kof13 nyc players?

hey not sure if this is the right place to ask to but is there a kof scene or gathering brewing around nyc that i can be apart of. Its pretty hard to find other players to play seeing how no one im friends with plays the game and online is no option lol

i havent been to the next level in awhile… and im not sure if people play there…help?

You’re best bet is to take this thread to this sub forum


and most kof players post on this site


If anything I’m from nyc and usually i think its best that we meet up at Next Level since there are other kof players over there.

I just started playing KoF, I’m up in the bronx, but trek over to TNL on fridays. But I’m up for some practice, though I’m not that good yet, since I just started playing.

That’s awesome, man. Hopefully more people play. I play and a bunch of others as well not many though many people at NL play marvel and ae. Let’s play some KOF next time I hit up NL. Probably in January.