KoF13 Tier List Discussion


im not a tier whore or anything i just wanted to know where i can find a tier list just to see where all the characters stand. i mean, i don’t even have KoF13 but i play KoF98 at a pretty decent level and im barley getting back into the scene here in Cali. im getting it this Friday. I see a lot of kula and K in tournaments, are they like iori 98 Jr’s. or what. Lol


there isn’t anything close to a set tier list yet because the characters are really balanced. this game has probably 2 tiers and then like 3 or 4 characters just a bit outside that

in case you’re still curious, the characters higher on the top part of tier list would be say daimon, ex iori, hwa jai, and as for who’s at the bottom, you’re going to have a hard time figuring that one out… only character i’m confident is even in the lower third is terry


Tier list made by some top players (2 months ago) maybe it will give you an idea, anyways the game seems pretty balanced as you can see in some recent events.


I don’t have the links but there were tier lists made by Japanese players such as Mari that make much, much, much more sense than Bala/Answer’s tier chart.

Personally for me, the only way to make a tier chart is based on meterless bnb damage output (meaning Mai, Leona would be low tier.)
In regards to actual tools, everyone is quite fleshed out and could hold ground. So while Mai and Leona may have lower damage output meterlessly, if they play on point, there is no reason they should lose to a character like Claw Iori at all even with larger damage differentials. They have to force a few more errors but the match should favor them in regards to the available tools.


yeah honestly, I don’t like to publicly put people on blast (especially on stream), but bala/answer’s tier list that was linked is completely fraudulent. like I don’t even want to get started on how bad…

yeah, i agree that meterless bnb damage is a really important factor that is really overlooked, because you can use one bar to GCR right and earn a punish if you’re smart and know how to do this “correctly” (no “top” players people are seeing on stream are doing this liberally yet AFAIK). also, if you have a character with low meterless on anchor with two amazing batteries that are playing well and not getting rushed down, then it can become close to being a non-factor for that anchor–they can have enough meter to GC and combo hard too. EXes that are used outside of combos to score damage when it’s not guaranteed can be another factor as well.

but toolset (mainly normals but specials can often cover weaknesses of normals) is still most important. which is why leona does not belong near the bottom of a KOF13 tier list IMO


Yeah Bala’s and the answers Tier list is ehhhh.
i heard XIIIan is making one with his friend forgot his name


Isn’t this game still a bit too new to have a definitive tier list yet?



If people want a better chart, here’s this one: http://www.mmcafe.com/tiermaker/kof13/index.html#ya0-trng3jmk5p765kfb8cg278l53jnp9fgk5de78bfk6bhl3zda7iei3yd45dh762oc7jnp6z956wbz3seg9g8r5cef7ea19ikf5mcn6rlp7d654wit5zg04tb68o6yaid39hig35ng48p02rml36-bkf-naitimu_mari

I don’t think it’s perfect but I have very little to disagree with on this one. Tier compression is sound. It’s how I felt, “everyone is high tier.” Even Ash at the bottom of the list is still an A tier character. I feel he mainly just lacks both meterless damage output and damage output in general, which reflects what I said about tier placement and damage. Characters with the best utilities will be top, followed by characters with damage.

By the way, this was made by Mari (a high level 02um Japanese player.)


I wonder what made him put Leona so high.


U hhave something against her? Lol


I kinda agree with this one. But I think Shen should be more on the left side since he gets blown up by most grapplers. Other than that, I do agree that EX Iori is the best overall character. He can play any position, which is claw Iori’s flaw even thought he does more damage. Iori with fireball is just too good.


No I’d like to play here. Her meterless damage output (and even low meter) is just very very very depressingly low. Making her only really effective as an anchor




Thanks for posting.

Personally I think Claw Iori should be in tier 2 (holds up flame shield), Kula should be in tier 2, Kim DEFINITELY tier 2 and possibly tier 1, I havent tried Leona… so I would like to see if she is really worse than Vice (I think Vice is pretty bad compared to the rest of the cast… one of the worst. However, this game is ridiculously balanced so every character is viable so it doesnt really matter).

I hope to explore more characters in depth and get a chance to make my own list one day. One step at a time though.


Claw Iori’s only notable weakness is lame, and when he has two bars you really can’t throw a fireball, or whiff anything, a MM on reaction will take a free 30% plus hard KD, which is scary considering his mixup options.

Vice is not that bad (not great either), the fact that she can confirm a sleeve into HD off AA/air-to-air makes her decent enough.


Umm Claw Iori can be played in position as well. He can still do decent damage without using too much resources. The character actually has a lot more going for him than EX Iori does. EX Iori is a very complete jack of all type characters, but I feel like Kyo does that better than he does.


Yea claw with meter is pretty much amazing because he can negate his weakness to the lame game. So I suppose I would throw him back into tier 1. Lol I flip flop so much in this game.

Regarding Vice… confirming off an A-A or a AA is nifty and all, but pretty much every character has something going for them which makes them considered good. I just feel Vices shtick doesnt make up for the rest of what she lacks compared to the rest of the cast. This game is remarkably balanced though, so being “bad” still means you are a pretty good and viable character. I just think Vice ranks among the worst in the game.

Can anyone point out why people think so poorly of Leona? Honest question. I literally havent used or played that character at all so I have no idea what she does or doesnt do. What is it about her that would make her stand out as the solo worst in the game?


That meter disappears when using him too, if put on point, you have to make sure claw takes out at least 2 chars for him to be profitable. On point with claw is somewhat suicide especially against zoners since he starts with no meter. He can play any position well, but as anchor he’s easily one of the best in the game. I know this by a lot of experience. I only start claw iori against characters that have to rush me like clark. Claw Iori against K’ is a nono on point for obvious reasons. As for EX Iori and Kyo, Kyo imo is the best char on the game since he has 100%'s. I think thats his win against ex iori as the best overall character. I know there is more detail to why Kyo is so good, but thats my reason why I think he’s better than ex iori on any team. His combos are piss easy. As for EX Iori, he has a 100% but its pretty difficult to pull off in an actual match, while kyo’s 80-100%'s are fairly easy.

she has no real problems in my opinion, other some rather unsafe stuff, and she can be rushed down hard even though she has a more than decent DP. I found that all the Leona’s I have played try to mindgame with her. Which is fine and you have to do so with every character, but they get out played easy for no reason? I might hit the lab with her and see what is her deal. From what I know her meterless damage is bad, but thats all I can think of now really. Her green orb thing can get beat easily by sweeps or baiting it and her ear ring loses to any ex fireball so its not optional for trying use in that fireball war. I have seen some MAD_KoF uploads of some guys in Korea using her fairly well with instant overheads into good damage. I’m not saying people are sleeping on her, but she really needs you to understand what she has and for you to fully utilize footsies and wakeup yomi to win. With that said, it only shows how balanced KOF is because if it comes down to footsies and whatnot, it’s all about the player, not the character.


I don’t understand why everyone White Knight’s about Leona. Any time someone says she’s bad, about 40 people come to her rescue.

She’s low-tier. Deal with it. She garbage? Maybe not. But compared to the rest of the cast? Yeah, she’s low. It happens. Move on and quit judging tier-lists based on where they put Leona.

And before you ask, why yes, I DO main her.


Where does everyone rank Kim? I think he is really high up there to be honest.