KoF13 Tier List Discussion


The damage output of Terry is kinda crippled in the wiki because they start all the combos with St. C. Using St. D is much more efficient. There is no problem hitconfirming either because of the followind down forward C.

HD combo with Terry is a bit tricky because you somewhat have to do something different depending on your position on screen. But with 2 bars he can score close to 800, and up to 900 with 3 bars. Ok, it’s not Takuma, but it’s doing the job.


Terry’s damage isn’t great (unless it is those tricky HD combos mentioned above) and he is based around frame traps and not solid mixups. He has some nice cross up set ups but even if the ydo land the damage you get for the resources you spend isn’t that fantastic. I don’t think he is on the same level as say Maxima or Mai but he isn’t one of the stronger characters in the game. Still, he is really annoying and can get you playing really stupid if you start hitting too many buttons against him when he forces you to block.

I like Goro in A. He is great at rewarding guesses for very simple execution. Some very good buttons up close to frustrate people. I think he is a really good pocket character to have for tournaments for certain matchups and against people who may not have faced a decent one before. 3 bad guesses in a row and your gone… very demoralizing.

Saiki still deserves to be S in my opinion. His zoning game is just so good, not enough people play him.

Leona is pretty decent at controlling space, I am not quite positive to where exactly I would put her atm but somewhere around A-.

Ralf is pretty meh… B+ish maybe A-. His buttons are a little overrated (still really good just not as extremely godlike as some people make them to be). Great damage for the little resources he has to use… but hard to open up people sometime. I wish he could combo off his normal throw in the corner and make his st. C hit crouching characters.

Chin should be a little higher. Nothing to do with cafe ID’s opinion on him… but Chin is pretty good.



Bored at work so i made one as well ^^. Sections are S, A+, A, B, with the top row having a slight edge. it gets pretty hard after the obvious choises tho. Feels good to finally play a great 2d fighter with good balance.


After some time spent in the practice mode, I came with this with Terry (starting with low chain lights, stand C or D, jumping. The standard starter for low chain lights is cr B, cr B, cr A, cr C) :

1 bar : 300 to 370
2 bars : 425 to 500

50% Drive : 300 to 370
50% Drive 1 bar : 385 to 450
50% Drive 2 bars : 450 to 540

That’s for the non HD combo. For these, like I said, between 750 and 800 with 2 bars, and up to 900 with 3 bars.


My tier list: http://www.mmcafe.com/tiermaker/kof13/index.html#ya0-trar2te22sdl4v9r6ued90a94w9g8xg190je91bx4wj42uhq91i36vegbphg2sd46vjs6vf54vgt4xlf6ugg6ul393k34vcn8xb28yie4wbg6vlq4vg7bqes6vmq918l4wkp2sne4vfq2rce2s-bkf

Note: it will most certainly change


I question every tierlist that doesn’t have Shen on the highest tier level.\

And there’s no way you can have Clark on the same level as Shen and Kim.

Edit: Joe is actually pretty strong and I’m not sure why hardly anyone uses him except Hare Goro, who makes him look S tier.

I think it was only Lacid/kmg that said this, don’t make up things.


MAD, Koogle and Lacid made some lists


Joe just isn’t very good unless you know his TOD combo. That’s all he’s got going for him aside from good shoto-style zoning and a frame trap with his Fireball.

Shen is not top tier. His damage is good and he’s really easy to use. That’s about it. He doesn’t have the amazing air control or footsies that can shut you down in the corner like Kim. He doesn’t get 800 damage with 1 drive and 2 bars like Hwa Jai. Etcetera. He’s definitely good, but I’d put him in the lower end of the top tier spectrum.

I’d actually place Clark at high mid-tier.


Updated tier list



  • Mature is bumped up one tier. She possesses so many options when it comes to offensive pressure. She fits into every position easily, has impressive normals, block strings, reliable methods of opening the opponent up and breaking their defense.
  • Raiden is bumped up a tier. His priority and defensive game is insane. He also fits into any team position and is quick to juggle the opponent. Players should really be on the look out for general rush down tactics, along with his speed.
  • C tiers no longer exists due to the overall nature of the game…

Nothing follows.


ill Change the title to tier list discussion now, k guys. Lol


I’m looking back on this forum on all of those tier lists I made from mmcafe, including the ones made by everyone else… I now find them to be rather pointless, due to every character being viable. This game is more or less balanced… This is literally a game where it depends on the players ability to utilize the characters tool.


I still think Clark is Mid high or at the least Mid tier. And in this game Mid tier is pretty damn good.

Robert’s starting to make some traction which is interesting. I think it’s because he has so many tools and while only one or two of them are actually good, he can mind fuck you with his options.


A KOF tier list would have to be out of S, A, and B. that’s the only way.


ahhhhh i wish this game dident have a crappy netcode, i know 4 people that would of bought it too if werent for that.
louis cipher really loves Clark. Lol


My Clark love is totally no-homo.


I see Mr. Karate as being very top-tier.

EX Iori seems to have potential as well.

Overall though there seem to be quite a good deal of powerful characters in this KOF.


“potential” lol


This is how I feel about XIII right now. If you don’t agree with this, I don’t care.


Shen on the same tier as Athena, Maxima and Robert? This tierlist needs to be wiped from existence.


Shen’s tools are shit, without HD he’s got garbage confirms from lows, his no meter options are terrible, if he didn’t have Shen Woo damage in HD no one would play him besides character loyalists.