KOF14 Graphical Edit Thread ˚¬˚'


so…kof14 so far is shaping up to be slightly better than usf4 currently, so here in this thread, you can edit the graphics so we can make kof14 look much better than sf5 xD

In all seriousness, here’s a thread for anyone to have fun editing screenshots of the game. feel free to be as serious or not serious as you like.

I’m personally gonna try to remake most of the to stages look more like the concept art just as something to do while bored. i can try to do requests if no one else wants to contribute. (finally fixed my monitor that was showing wonky colors so my edits should be better now)



Moved: KOF14 Graphical Edit Thread ˚¬˚'

Can I request side by side comparisons of cleavage shots from KOF and SFV to determine which one is more “impressive?” or just side by side cleavage shots for the sake of side by side cleavage shots? lol.





Moving to the KOF subforum. Probably where the main thread should go too, but I like it so far.


Fair enough you did what I had requested, you win this round.


where the fuk is the kof sub forum :s