KOF2002UM coming to PC? (by Tencent/QQ)


This is just a guess, i need someone who knows Chinese (yeah, i sound like Ryu Hazuki):


It seems that Tencent (the same people who made Xuandou Zhiwang) is making a close Beta test of The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match for Windows, but is just a guess, if someone knows something please inform. If this is just a fake i apologize.


Sounds like 98UMFE that already exists on QQ/Tencent’s gaming thing. If that’s the case abandon all hope now because it’ll be unplayable for anyone in the US unless you really like arcade mode. You’re better off emulating it.


This rumor comes up too much to get excited over. Stop teasing and release UM98 UM02 and Garou on PC already SNK.


Even though I randomly play kof 98/00/02 on emulators online I’d be happy to buy this if it cane out and was playable online in the states. Nit too many kof players in Houston. Game is so fun


And make a UM edition of XI.


I hope this doesn’t rule out a Steam release for us.


Stop teasing us SNK. If this game came out for steam I would never play XIII again


The bad side of this coin is that it will most likely be like 98UMFE, they let you play only 5 times a day, then later you have to pay cash to keep on Continue… Just like old-styled arcade machines .__.

+1. Add Billy, Yamazaki and Jhun from 2003, and the rest of the guys from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum…


How long it’s been since the two games came out on ps2 like 5 years?! And still we don’t have an acceptable version we can play online. lol i feel like kicking snk in the nuts so hard to make them understand their games don’t mean shit without good netcode.


The problem probably wasn’t that they didn’t know how important netcode was, but rather they were not capable of doing it. XIII’s console netcode was confirmed to be outsourced to another company who probably didn’t give a shit about the rest of the world. When Steam Edition came out they hired people who could handle it. You can talk to these people on the Steam forums and they’re dudes from Australia, so SNK’s Japan team still probably isn’t capable of making their own netcode, but they are taking steps to fix it. XIII’s netcode is more than playable and Metal Slug 3 is rollback netcode. They understand the problem.

As for this release, SNK likely has nothing to do with it. Tencent probably licensed it, and Tencent does not give a jack russel terrier about any country that isn’t China. They even use rollback netcode because they know a lot about networking, but they tie it to their servers in China so that it’s worthless to anyone not close to those servers.


A little off topic, but wanted to expand on your statement about SNK and rollback netcode. With Metal Slug, hired an outside developemental team instead of the KOF 13 team. An employee of that team stated that they used a licensed version of GGPO for Metal Slug. Maybe SNK is slowly learning lessons and taking notes. Also the little Chinese birdies tell me that their QQ KOF 2k2 UM is coming out soon, before March for sure. Not that it really matters for us.


Do you have the article stating they used a licensed version of GGPO for Metal Slug?


It’s there a metal slug for steam or which version are you talking about?

If they really used ggpo the logo must appear in the opening screen am i wrong?


Metal Slug 3, 8 dollars, use ggpo


KOF98UM and 2002UM on Steam would be fantastic.


what i’m hoping (but prolly won’t happen) after Tencent releases its ports in China, the codebase will be used for Steam releases


Any more info on this?


So you want a hacked up taitonescia.exe to be the base when there is a better code base to build from?

The Apps got deleted from the public database.
The apps numbers could be used for different game after it got deleted.