KOF2002um - fighting different bosses


Hi everybody! first post for me, so i’ll greet everybody first of all :slight_smile:

I was wondering if any of the experts here have figured out what are the requirements to fight the alternate bosses; no matter what i keep meeting krizalid. i’ve read around that you are supposed to kill enemies with DM and SDM to find different bosses and to reach the last battle without continuing, but even doing so i keep getting krizalid…

any idea?

thanks in advance.


In match 5 finish the last person on the opposing team with either a DM/SDM/HSDM to fight the other bosses.

Next time ask in the 2002UM thread.


EDIT: Wrong info. >_<

Beating Omega Rugal should unlock him, whether it’s in arcade or endless mode.


For Omega Rugal You have to beat whatever NESTS boss you get on your first try, and then you have one shot of beating him afterwards. I’m not sure if that unlocks him though as I never can beat him in one shot.