KOF2006 price drop: $15 - go forth


It was already cheap at $30 when it debuted. Now it’s HALF that. Those of you who were on the fence before just got pushed.

For info on (and praise for) King of Fighters 2006 for PS2 check what SRKer have said:

I don’t how else to say it to you all. It’s just a quality fighting game. Plain and simple.


Just picked up my copy on my lunch break this afternoon. Can’t wait to get home and play it!

Already got the game at launch, but for $15 anybody who hasn’t tried it and is a fan of ANY fighting game has no excuse to ignore the game.

I should probably get back into the game, myself…

BTW this Gamestop sale is only going on for 3 weeks and supplies are limited at most stores, so if you’re thinking of getting the game, don’t dawdle.

People need to get this game, hell I need to start playing it again. I mean come on $15 bucks is a sweet deal.


But is it worthy of being called KOF06?

It’s worthy of being a KoF game, it’s amazingly epic, SNK pulls off 3D with a 2D feel to almost a Rival Schools level. Huge roster, many unlockables, great replay, and a quality competitive fighter

For $15, you have to have it

ill go look for it when i get the chance.

im somewhat convinced

I would rather wait for Regulation A.

I can play KOF06 at my friend’s house.


Also, I wanted an English version of this game (theres a lot of text) so definately picking this up.

I picked it up yesterday. I have to say the game is a lot better than I was expecting.

Played the first MI and absolutely hated it. The game was practically unplayable.

My first impressions from last night: this game is well worth $30, and is an absolute steal at $15.

Gameplay aside, one thing I really like about KoF 2006 is the wealth of 1P options, because let’s face it, not everyone has friends around who play fighting games these days. Between Story, Mission and Survival, there’s just soooo much to do, and every major success (ex: clearing Story Mode) will net you a ton of cool unlockables, such as hidden characters, fighting stages, alternate costume colors and even bonus soundtracks. I can see myself getting lost in this game for hours just trying to unlock everything, which as it just so happens, also provides a nice incentive for actually learning how to play the game. :wink:

Well done SNK.