KoF2k2 Tourney on Godweapon - Sunday April 23

As the topic says, this will take place April the 23rd, at 9pm eastern, in Godweapon. If Godweapon is down for whatever reason, we will play on Anti-3d. If my exam schedule gets insane though, I may have to postpone this to April the 30th. This is my first tourney that I’m arranging, so I’m a bit inexperienced in that sense, but I’ll try.


  1. Emulator used will be mame32k 0.64, with the KoF2k2 Bootleg version.
  2. Best 3/5 except for the finals and semi-finals, which will be best 4/7.
  3. NO RUGAL - you will be disqualified if you use Rugal. All other characters are allowed, including Orochis, Kusanagi, ABC, etc.
  4. All infinites (there aren’t many anyway), and 100% combos are allowed.
  5. In a match, you stick to the same team you chose until you lose a round…then you have the option to switch the team. You can choose any order for your team regardless.
  6. No one with over 100 ping is allowed to play…delay is horrendous for both players enough as it is, no need for more delay.

I’m aiming for 16-32 players in this tourney. Seeding will be random. I’m unsure of how to keep everyone in contact, since I’m not that fond of IRC. For now, just post if you are planning to come, or if I missed anything with the rules and such.

After this tourney, I hope to host a “random select” kof2k2 tournament…

Current people who have signed up for this tourney are:
CM Scorpion
Ultimate Braver
JJ (--)Team Evolution(--)

guess im in

msn - Evilness9999@hotmail.com

Might be a good idea to post your msn/AIMs here…we aren’t going to be using IRC.

iam game for this as well Msn = josuetovar128@hotmail.com
Aim= Goentiz 2003

Wow, I’m surprised at the lack of people entering this tourney…

im in too

I’m in

Not enough people so far, so it will be postponed for next week, same time…there were a bunch of mexicans that messaged me about this tourney, but I’m reluctant to have them join since it will lag like crazy. And there’s no way I’m letting YASHIRO-KAILLERA join, due to his antics in other tourneys…

I know this isn’t my tourney or anything but as a director I’d suggest you don’t postpone. If you have eight players then it’s sufficient to run a tournament. It just gives you something to build off of for the next time.

I had already said it might be postponed to the week after, due to other reasons.

Is there a site to learn things about King of Fighters 2002 like combos, tips, etc. Im kinda new to this game.

There is a wikipedia thread in the “Other Games” forum. Me and a few people are working on writing hte wikipedia. I have some things up there, but I haven’t had much time to update it…will do so after exams.