KOF2k3 Team Av Request!


I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to make a kof2k3 av consisting of these characters: Kyo, Kim, and K’. I would like the Av to say, “Team 3K”. If you could, I’d like the KOF character sprites used. If not, you can do whatever you think is right.

Doesn’t need to be fancy or anything like that. Anything thing is much appearciated. Thanks!


I’ll give it a shot. Check back here tonight/tomorrow.


Cool Beans! Thanks!


Here it is:


– tru3tn01
"say my name, say my name…"


tru3tn01! tru3tn01!

Good shit man! I appearciate the time you took to make it. Thanks again!

tru3tn01! tru3tn01!