Kof96 anniversary edition

ok i know it’s not the original game… maybe the og should have been like this? :yawn:
lower damage,super cancel, cancels, new moves… lol

this looks so good that i’m speechless… i am serious!

yeah that’s a pretty cool bootleg !! never seen such a professional work! with all those new features!! i would really like to play it once in my life!! :chat:

game is ALREADY XII times better than og 96, which imo was one of the worst kofs ever along with 94. at least 94 wasnt anywhere nearly as broken as og 96. but damn did 96 have some new pretty ass graphics back in the days.

i know…i already opened a topic about kof96 some pages ago :stuck_out_tongue:
this one was about this bootleg xD

Why does EVERY KOF MOD EVER toss Max Mode in?

For the same reason every capcom fan who makes a mugen game includes air combos and tagging. Who knows. Where can we dl this game?

looks broken but hella fun.

i’ll find it out for you

broken? have you played og 96… guess you havent.

i found a download for the first edition of this bootleg/hack… pretty shitty (lots of bugs, you can kick you enemy wherever you are ahaha)…i`m surfing the net for soemething better than this raw edition

Is it a mugen game

It looks cool EXCEPT for that shitty Kasumi rekka super, wtf was that shit? It looked so retarded!

I’m one of the few who enjoys 96OG, but this looks real fun too~

Ranbu. Supers that are strings of the character’s normal attacks ending with a big finish are called Ranbu (yeah…I adopted that designation. SOMEbody had to).

Rekka is the generic, sf-fan-created name for a special that consists of a series of punches that have repeated, consecutive inputs, and as Kasumi isn’t a flame wielder, rekka doesn’t really apply to her, as well as the fact she does her chain special with 1 input rather than consecutive inputs.

no it’s not … just as i said i found the first edition of the hack which is a rom and not a mugen :chat:

What emu play it

i hope i can 2df this …that would be awesome …whoever did this deserves to be signed by snk…

Damn, at last someone informs me of my mistake! Thanks dude, the move still looks shit though.

the first edition of the hack comes with nebula.

How can you tell the difference between revisions ?
I found a version of it but not sure whether it’s the newer one or not.