KOF97.. why?


why kof97 is so loved in CHINA?
i mean HK kofers are crazy about kof2k2 or kof98/98um… i can understand why…but why mainlanders love the 97 version?
I like it too,but i still prefer the 98v not because of the sounds bug or the horrible artworks of the 97 incarnation but cause it has more chars.
I never asked them directly, shame on me…


Well 97 is to me the game that got me into fighting games in the first place, so it has a big place for me.
Also Yash’s 97 HCB+P is one of my fav. moves ever.
If anyone can provide some strats, my main team consists of any of the following 4:-
Ralf, Robert, Yashiro, Benimaru
I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


KOF 97 Is my first KOF. And personally one of the best KOFs presentationwise. I personally was a fan of the ambiance sound with theme songs only playing for main characters as it added to to the atmosphere of the stages (which I thought were really great and amazing) plut tons of extra fights and story (Riot Iori/Leona, Orochi Team, and then Orochi himself to top it all off) To really bring the saga to a close.It’s probably going to hold a place in my heart for a very long time.


I think they like it because it’s sort of like 98, but it’s just you die really fast. So it’s sort of like why people like Quakeworld more than Quake 3.


Same here. I didn’t like KOF until '96 and I thought it was decent. But '97 was over the top in terms of everything, plot, music, stages, and the like. It was the first with the advanced system as well, because I loathed the whole concept of “charging”. Problem is that right now 98UM has ALL the fighters and even customizability for your system that it’s pretty nuts. It’s very hard to go back.

Better for Yomi matches, eh?


97 is my favorite

command shortcuts ftw :slight_smile:



is the best kof ever


Yeah, QuakeWorld is much more hardcore than Q3. But I thought [media=youtube]WTQNEfnuYa4&feature=channel_page"[/media]. :wgrin:


basically what he I said I will always remember the first time I walked by this arcade and saw I ralph doing his special moves and oh yeah 97 for gameboy was awesome as well I wish I could find it though :shake:


KOF 97 Is Best KOF Game In My Eyes.

I love KOF 98, 2k2, XI and so on but it was Something about KOF 97 that made me enjoy that game so much!


I never did give any of the pre 98 KoF’s a try baring KoF 95. I guess I’ll check out 96 and 97.


the game has his own charisma than made me play it sometimes

and also, has the easiest boss in any kof :slight_smile:

Priority like a bastard, AI like a dumbass


97 is still one of my most favorite kofs of all time. after the crappy 94, 95 was a god sent. after the ever so crappy 96, 97 was the first of the really great KOFS. i played the shit out of it. greatest thing about it is just how overpowered all the characters are. lots of high tier character to use and abuse. only drawback IMO was the lack of propper invincibilet on some s/dm’s and dp’s. lets forget about some of the infinites.


that’s me talking loool!
kof 98 is the achieved version of 97!


I think 97 is a more interesting game to play and watch than 98. Everyone is always on 98’s nuts and ya it might be better but I always was in love with 97. It always felt like the most “solid” kof game to me.


97 is great, i started playing kof at the end of 86 so 97 was the 1st to me, as e1 said, the presentation and plot are awesome, feels like you are is a real tournament not just fighting all over the world.

love that after stage 3 it shows you the bracket, and what was the next team. 98 is just the polished version of 97


nothing to scream about but this afternoon i recorded some matches between chinese on arclive, and here the videos:


tomorrow i will upload something more … this client (arclive) is great :smiley:


man 97 is my first kof that i got to play by myself… i first saw kof96 in an arcade and all i could think all day was how ralf was smashing people and mai’s tits bouncing around… lol… when i got to actually play 97 for myself i fell in love with it… and it was my first fighting game that i stopped mashing at… mashing as in i mashed like crazy in sf2… so before 97 it was just cadillacs & dinosaurs and captain commando all day at the arcades… lol… 97 is my favorite game of all time period… it just holds soo many dumb and stupid yet great childhood and teenage memoies… like having a 30 man tourny with no brackets… lmao… and soo much shit in it is soo broken that it’s amazingly entertaining… i’ve played all other kof games and even though i’m really into kofxi right now cause i actually found some local competition …and i love xi clark, still 97 was the first great kof imo… and even though 98/02 r considered best kofs by most people, the ‘fun’ factor of 97 is just too good to pass up… if i had local competition i would play 97 all the time… still i load up 2df sometimes though…

tizoc: man… u got 2 top tiers already… 97 benimaru and robert = spamspamspam …not nearly as much as broke ass chizuru though…


KOF 97 was my first KOF game. Everything is great, storyline, characters, moves, combos. The people in SNK really busted their asses to make such an excellent fighting game. Still my favorite KOF game and I still play it too.


97 was my first KOF and it’s the reason why I play now.