KOF98, May 28 07 Beijing, Japan & China 10 VS 10 team battle (more vids are coming)

1ST HALF-----------------------------------------------
Battle 01

Battle 02

Battle 03

Battle 04

Battle 05
???(Kyokutendou) vs ??(XiaoHai)

Battle 06

Battle 07

Battle 08
???(Raian) vs ???(YongYuanZhiJian)

Battle 09
???(Oogosho) vs ??(XiaoTou)

Battle 10
???(kyabetsu) VS ??(DaKou)

2ND HALF-----------------------------------------------
Battle 01

Battle 02

Battle 03

Battle 04

Battle 05

Battle 06

Battle #07

Battle 08

Battle 09

Battle 10

Battle 11

Battle 12

13-15 were not recorded.

Battle 16

Battle #17

For match #7, is that Sweat Sweat from Japan (the guy who won SBO kof2k2)? He’s also in the other video against Dakou. Good matches.

why must all the kof match videos have the worst recordings ever?


most 98 vids are direct feed…it’s just the mexican 02 vids that are shitty quality

some good mixups with ralf

emil is finally using avs now.

funny, you probably are the only premium member I know that has bad feedback,lol

no original files?

fuck youtube :frowning:

emil see how they AG…

Nah, there’s other prems with neg rep around here. It’s just that Emil is the biggest heel in the SRK community.

One thing I’m curious about was why the Chinese players seemed to risk-averse, even when they were losing. To me, though it’s hard to tell, it looked like they were afraid to take a risk even when they knew they’d lose otherwise. I did like the jabs as air D, I should incorporate that might into my game when I use Ralf, I still try to DP too much.

Nice shit. Anyone has the original files? :wonder:

no, all vid were uploaded to 6rooms and Youtube by the guy who recorded them.

No. They hardly ever used it And as I said, using AG like you say would get them owned by Daimon far B’s…

Because they probably didn’t think they were going to lose just yet. They aren’t the type of people to just give up and throw out something and hope for the best.

Yeah, I think it’s a miscalculation on their part. When you’re winning, it’s better to play it safe- when you’re losing- you have to balance not shooting your comeback ability with trying to maximize your chances.

I don’t believe AG has a lot of use in practice- it’s too risky for the reward you get. It is situationally useful, such as up 40% vs Shermie with 2 secs left on the clock or something (you don’t want to hit by a Shermie hcb*2 DM then)

ok so the title says China & Japan, yet the names of the players are listed as if it was Japan vs. China. In addition, even though P2 keeps losing, P2 stays…

So, who is the guy who keeps winning in most of the matches (he is wearing the white shirt), using Iori, Daimon, O Chris? Are the guys that keep losing Japanese?

sorry, I didn’t mean to make the title so confusing.
the Guy used Iori, Daimon and O Chris is XiaoHai, he’s Chinese.


in these vids they AG eeach time is needed and you 2 still say that is not useful lol

ok give me a specific video in which they use alternating guard effectively.

battle #7
at 2.34 while ralf is cornered
at 2.43 again ralf do ag

i have to check the rest this will take some time

i’ve said to you tons of time

aging at goro’s far B distance is pointless…'cause he can’t run and grab from that distance (or at least no one would stay there watching him running from that far)

ag is used at throw distance
after those 2/3 seconds or after 1 or 2 guarded pokes the grappler is not anymore in range to grab so you can quit AG

ah, also notice that ralf that won’t fall for the crouching attack or the jumping one from goro, this is exactly what i said you in the other thread…while aging you can easily guess against lows or jumps or overheads
and again after 1/2 pokes you can quit alternating guard since your opponent is out of throw range and 'cause is kinda stupid to stuck your game only upon guessing the moment your opponent will eat a crB or a jump attack

But Goro can just run up and do a crouch B. Of course, it’s better to do the run up crouch B thing with someone like Kyo, who would destroy alternating guard. Also, the range you would have to be in order for Daimon’s far B to trigger instead of close B, isn’t that far…you can technically throw with hcb f+C when you are JUST in far B range. Most of the time you will be slightly further though, so the run in would be very short. The run in isn’t that easy to notice because it’s only for a split second.

Edit: Ok you can barely see it used in match 7. However the way you talked about alternating guard in other posts was as if alternating guard = death to grapplers.

and goro’s crouch B where lead to?
and even if someone in that specific situation attempt a crB that poke is slow enough to be seen

but why someone would start AGing against kyo that isn’t a grappler?
especially in 98 where throw escaping is simple compared to 2k2

but far B isn’t cancellable so you have enough time to guess between ag or low guard
goro’s strenght isnt there
and as i’ve already said AG don’t require a specific timing
technically you can do back lowback back for the AG to work
and this is exactly what expert players do, after 1/2 pokes the grappler isn’t anymore in range to grab
and obviously an expert player won’t stuck his game only in guessing how to punish an alternate guard attempt

in each match i watch over youtube or the most recent TGB one
i see players doing alternating guard exactly in the way i’ve described it

afterall my points come directly from japanese BBSs so isn’t that strange that i see similarities between my posts and matchvids

i never said that grapplers are useless but some strategies (tick throw) against AG users have to be avoided…especially in kof98 where grapplers and pokers are tops

To avoid tick throws obviously. But yeah, he isn’t that much of a threat when it comes to throws.

Also, escaping from throws is obviously way easier in 2k2. In 2k2 you have a GUARANTEED escape by hitting CD, this is not the case in 98.

It is cancellable…but that wasn’t my point anyway.

I see tick throws all the time in Japanese/Chinese matches. I don’t even see them trying to alternate guard.

There are very few similarities between what you say and match videos. I’ve seen thousands of them, alternating guard is used like once every 50 matches.

in 98 can’t you escape also with A and B?

sorry miswritten, isn’t comboable into nothing useful

eh, it seems that you don’t notice AG
if you look carefully each time they get hit on guard they swap between back and lowback

afterall check top rated player’s (kyokugendo, oogosho sweat sweat kaoru etc) match as those above everyone use it