KOF98, May 28 07 Beijing, Japan & China 10 VS 10 team battle (more vids are coming)

Maybe, not sure…but I don’t think it’s guaranteed.

But they only do that once…and then don’t do it again even if opponent is close by. It doesn’t even seem like AG is intended.

Sorry to interrupt the flow, but what is AG exactly?

alternating guard

Erm what I meant is, what is alternating guard? What is it used for in 98?

Overworld as you probably guessed…I got you covered… Look for Alternating Defense.


Thanks DG, any bit of knowledge helps!

Well the link there doesn’t work. Alternating guard is just rapidly switching from neutral block to crouching block, after blocking some attack, so that you avoid all throws (normal throws, command grabs and even things like O Yashiro qcb+P). It works in many others kofs, not sure about kofxi.

It’s beneficial in many situations…for instance, if you block an O Yashiro sweep, there is nothing he can cancel into that hits low. There are many (lower level) players who cancel it into qcb+P. If you alternate guard after the sweep, you will avoid his qcb+P.

It’s weakness is that you switch from high to low. So, people with good low attacks can combo you…unless you decide to stop your alternate guard. But, the moment you stop it, you are out of the AG stance and you cannot start it again until you block another attack…hence, then you can be thrown.

I prefer one link with everything on it, its easier

I noticed two of those links are down…why I do not know…I dont want to have to re-link stuff once again…


alternate guard work in kof from 94 to 2002 and neowave not in 2003 or XI
btw i saw a video in XI where malin alternated guard on clark but happened only once…never saw it again…

that was sarcasm
in 98 you can escape also with A and B
so, if in 2k2 you can mash CD to break, in 98 you can with ABCD

other that those 2 situation i didn’t see any other occurrence for the AG to be used in that match…
i repeat again, expert player don’t play their game around AG and how to deal with it
but a lot of grappler mixups are toned down…especially jump in and attack, wait, throw
i laugh when i see ppl catch in that shit
(khanibal matches, he say that he’s a grappler specialist but i only see weak opponents, maybe he’s stronger than me but i would never fall for shit like that)

Sometimes a large part of grappler setups in KOF-type games is not hard tick throws like in SF, but timing based stuff. In 98- throws are breakable, grabs aren’t- the same as ST in that regard, but if you’re grabbed in your corner, mashing can cause a teammate to come out and break grab. Chance of working based on live teammates and characters.

you know, I hardly ever tick grab in 98. Most my grabs come from empty hops, and wakeup with invincible startup grabs.