KOF98 Movelist (project for a nice one, replacement for arcade cabinets ?)


I started designing a new instruction card for KOF98, if possible as high quality as my previous attempt for SF3.3. I found a lot of help on 2 forums, here and CTPL, so I hope I can count on you guys to help me finish the thing faster, proofread, make some spot on comments, etc …

As for now, the move list has only 7 chars (Athena, Sie, Chin, Chizuru, Mai, King, Kim). Check here the very rough draft (PDF).

What I’m looking for is an archive (say ZIP) uploaded somewhere, containing the faces of all the fighters of this game AND cut to dimensions (see below), without any text on them, without any background colour. This would save me a lot of time.



Thanks in advance to those who’ll give a helping hand :slight_smile:

I have worked a bit more on the PDF, check here

Thanks for your comments (hoping there are still some KOF players out there)

great work man… i don’t play KOF so much but i’ll sure be using this PDF to peak at the moves (it’s way better than to have an FAQ .txt in the background) :slight_smile:

what do the blue/red dots represent?

The dots are here for AIR ONLY moves (blue) and DESPERATION moves (red)

Of course, a caption will be added in due time (along with other extras).

so far so good, but some things that stick out:

  • chris’ hcb+K and hcb+P aren’t air moves
  • athena’s hcb hcb P is doable in midair and both forms are cancelable with ABCD, chang’s iron ball spin (tap P) is also ABCD cancelable
  • why are yashiro’s f+B (but not f+A) and chang’s df+A listed but none of the other command moves? are they for later?
  • yama’s qcb+A/B/C can be canceled with D while holding it

the mugshots from the original instruction cards are all from pieces of concept art, i imagine someone here or on neo-geo.com would most likely have them all in high res but not pre-cut to dimensions

They are listed as “In air” in Kao Megura’s gamefaqs faq, but not on strategywiki’s FAQ. I’ll check the move in-game or just believe you.

The last thing I want to do is make a bloated movelist. I just want to explain the basics for each special move and the rest is to be infered from experience. As for the moves doable in the air, I might reference them at one point (takes room and room is scarce with 38+ characters).

Because these characters have a poor list of specials and I had to add those command moves to fill-in the template.

See below my point regarding space

I found someone willing and able to help me on this specific matter (downloading stuff, cutting to dimensions, etc) so hopefully this will speed things up quite a bit.

Thanks for your input :china:

This is very nice, thank you for your efforts

After having a break on this project since the guy who was in charge of formatting the fighters faces didn’t have the required skills for what I was looking after, I decided it was time to finish the movelist for good.

So, if you think you know where to find some nice medium resolution pics of the fighters, can cut them at roughly square dimensions, get rid of the background (and put transparency instead, possibly with variable transparency for extra smooth contours), I’d like to hear from you ! If you know someone who would be interested in helping me, don’t hesitate to pass on the message !

During the last few days, I spent quite some time to finish entering the moves for the last few characters (only 5 left !). Hopefully, I’ll finish the rest during the afternoon but afterwards, without the pics I’m stuck. (I’ll update the WIP PDF at this time).

Thanks for your attention !