KOF98:UM and Samurai Shodown: North American Releases - GO GO GO


KOF98:UM has been shipped on Amazon. Says it will arrive in a few days.

Just like all the other SNK PS2 releases over the past few years, this is the traditional HEY EVERYBODY, GO BUY THESE GAMES THREAD. You know the drill…support SNK like they’ve been supporting us for the past 3 years.

Next up, Samurai Shodown Anthology next week.

For 35 bucks, you get so much gaming that it hurts. Let people know where you’ve found your copies in this thread. Amazon, seems like the easiest choice, though.

LOL…the memories:
Go buy these, too!


I bought 98um from gamestops site with overnight shipping. I FUCKING REGRET IT, I bought it with my gift card so I didn’t have to use cash and be able to afford importing 2002 unlimited match.

But these fuckers have the game on backorder. I can’t believe this bullshit. I should have used amazon, but I didn’t have the money. I can buy from amazon if i hold the swap magic off for another week.


Oh boy, here we go again with this…the fucking EB guys never have any of these tittles when there supposed, no retail chaines ever seem to carry them…my head it hurting again.

Edit:I thought this was coming for X-box live?


The Samurai Shodown games are arcade perfect conversions?


Thank god the SamSho Anthology is next week, I tried playing Tenka to learn it a bit on my import copy and see the characters and whatnot and all the movelists were in Japanese…and not the same type of movelist as 98UM, 2002UM, etc where I can decipher enough to get by, it’s a weird movelist like SFIVs where it presumably lists all the characters, you pick one, and then you get their movelists.


You know why can’t SNK just releases a "SNK Legacy"compilation that includes KOF98UM,SST,LB2,MOTW,RB2,NGBC,KOF02UM,WHP for 360/PS3 with online multiplayer at a retail price of 49.99…common sense anyone?


Common sense, but not good business sense.Those could each easily sell for 15-20 bucks or more each, if the games were arcade-perfect and had GGPO quality netcode.

…Although I would buy it.


And that’s the point, I think a lot of these games slip under the rador on there own merit…but packed together they have more commercial appeal because the customer trully feels like they are getting a bargin price for quality games. The addition of online further amplifies the replay factor, especially in regions such as asia.


I’ll believe SSA when I see it.

Remember Battle Coliseum and KOFXI 11?
Yeah, supposed to come out march and both ended up coming out in November or something.

I do plan on picking up 98UM though.


SSA was already delayed twice.


So? KOFXI and NGBC got pushed back multiple times. Usually day before or day of said release.


I borrowed some money from my mom, and ordered off Amazon. It’s gonna be here tomorrow.



I better get this shit ASAP. SamSho Anthology better come on schedule as well.


I heard that SSA was pushed back to September?

I have my imports of both


Yeah really

I ordered over 2 months ago and I got backordered too.

Really not happy about that as they also charged my card anyways for it and now I have to pay banking fees for a game that they didn’t even fucking end up sending to me.

On top of all that they won’t even let me cancel my order with the option. I have to email them about it and hope that works out

Last time I ever order anything from gamestop.com.



Now my order from gamestop has been shipped, I feel stupid. Now I’m gonna have two ultimate matches.


If this is true, I would cock my head back and LOL heartily. 15 year old games are kicking SNK’s butt hard.


Wasn’t 98UM supposed to be out on XBLA today too? Because it’s totally not there yet :\


Already imported 98 UM I want the 360 version for (hopefully) good online play, as for SS collection prepare for a $20 Gamestop bitch slap :rofl:


On Amazon and other sites after shipping rates (especially if people get over night or 1-3 day delivery which by reading I know a lot do.) and sales tax in certain states the game ends up being more than 20. So I don’t know why you are bitching about gamestop.

Is it what all the cool kids do?