KOF98 um?

Im really into ssfiv ae right now but sometimes I like to try other fighting games just to see whats out there and I was wondering if KOF98um is worth the 800 points. I remember playing CvS games back in the day (NOTHING HIGH LEVEL) and I kind of liked the characters but I stayed more on the Capcom side of things.

I’d go with KOF2002UM personally…it has a very slightly more active community, and it’s translated…at least. I can’t find anyone on 98UM, 2002 still has a handful of players around.

older games like that are better on GGPO I would assume

I’d second 2K2UM. It’s the most fun I’ve had with KoF. I’ve played some KoF13 and if you are interested in KoF in general 2K2UM will be good preparation for 13. Necro has a good point too, tho. If you don’t have peeps to play locally there aren’t many people playing 2K2UM online.