KOF98UM XBLA netcode; let Ignition know we mean business!

Yes I know there’s already a KOF98UM thread, but I think this deserves it’s own.

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Please register on their official forum and post in this thread, letting them know how important good online is for fighting games. KOF98UM/2002UM are prime examples of games that can benefit from GGPO/NFBA style netcode, as they run in low resolution and use a small fraction of a modern console’s power; good netcode should not be a problem!

will do asap

link doesn’t work

Sorry, register first here: http://forums.ignitionusa.net/register.php

Done my bit, sure hope its not too late in the end.

Damn, I’m not getting my confirmation email.

I posted.

Does anyone know how much they’re planning to charge for this port on XBLA? I’d imagine 1200pts since it’ll probably be a $15 PS2 title.

Good idea.

but does ignition have anything to do with the development of the XBLA ports?

I’m pretty sure SNKP announced the game at TGS and is developing it for XBLA.

Ignition just localizes the things.

Dandy J: Are you sure that Ignition is doing the port and not just publishing it here?

I’m not sure but I wouldn’t know how to go about making SNK USA/JP pay attention to something like this as they don’t have an official forum. Sending tons of emails is a little far-fetched but I’m willing to do that as well. I’m not really expecting anything to come of this, but I think being able to publicly see a big thread with a lot of people speaking up is a good way to getting attention. Mostly because everyone can see it, as opposed to sending emails which no one but SNK will see and do whatever they want with.

Posted. I’m stoked to find out eventually whether or not we made a difference.

I’d be stoked for a confirmed XBLA release date. Ignition still haven’t announced when Metal Slug 7 is coming out for XBLA, which leads me to worry that both releases will just end up as vapourware.

When Ignition first announced KoF98UM for PS2 in the US I emailed every address that I could find from Ignition and SNKP USA to ask them to fix the 2 bugs, and make sure it has GGPO caliber netcode on XBLA. Though all the SNK addresses were dead. And they haven’t changed their site in a long long time.

There hasn’t been any mention of it’s existence since TGS. While the KoF98UM release has been on SNKP’s coming soon list since then.

will this just benefit xbox 360? cause I have a ps3

Done, registered and cosigned.

yeah pretty much

Don’t think there’s anything planned for a PSN release

that sucks, i would play these on psn a lot

yea i havent heard anything about the release on xbla since tgs, im biding my time and keeping some points ready to buy this shit. All i remember seeing was sometime in 09. hopefully this comes out b4 2012 so ken masters doesnt have a dragon punch anymore

KOF98UM is supposed to be released Mar.3rd PS2.

For XBLA, they obviously can’t announce a date, but I’ve heard Mar.4th mentioned.

That said, with SF4 out, I don’t mind waiting some more.

I thought it would be on the market place on the same day

Here what an admin on the site had to say…