KOF's Popularity in Hispanic Communities: Can Someone Explain?

KOF XIII seems to finally be gaining some traction. Prior to its release, I remember hearing a lot of stereotypical comments and jokes regarding the series’ supposedly Mexican/Hispanic demographic domination. At first, I brushed it off as people being silly, but as I’ve gained more exposure to the game; the more it does seems that there is some history to this series and the Mexican/Hispanic demographic to some degree. This is interesting, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen this demographic represented so strongly by any other video game.

Can someone explain? Why KOF?


Becasue kof is a good game and Mexican/Hispanic have good taste

If you go to Mexico/Hispanic communities there are tons of bootleg KoF arcade machines, so they play KoF 24/7.

it’s cheap (cost wise) ??

Popularity of all the old games in a particular scene is directly linked to availability of Arcade machines.

There are some places where they made KI really competitive, that’s the machines they had.

I was under the impression that Angel was created in response to the large Mexican fanbase of KoF, but I have no idea where I heard it :x

This really, that’s also why KOF is extremely popular in Asian countries. Also the best KOF games including KOF98 and KOF2003 are some of the best fighting games ever made, so too are games like Last Blade 2 and Mark of the Wolves, just that they are criminally unnoticed by the USA community.

where do i go to find the Breakers Revenge scene?
(god i really left myself open for a snappy comment)

but seriously, all the best fights i ever had were laggy kof against mexicans on kawaks

also, while were being borderline racist,

why is it that even though im super ass at all games i always beat the few japanese players i encounter online

is it because the lag is worse for them? or is it that theyre not willing to abuse said lag (i am) out of some kind of personal integrity? <(thats the racist part)

this is actually the truth. these cabinets are everywhere in Mexico from what i last heard and mad easy to bootleg. in battle coliseum they threw shots at a bootlegging company if i’m not mistaken.

Japan sucks ass in KOFXIII, they play that game like it’s SF.

They also don’t really care much for the game, after SBO where that one random dude won by literally charging dropkick for 6 seconds and winning the whole thing they’d rather play 2k2um, and really they just care much for 2k2um where they can play all their favorite characters.

Also yeah, reason why latin america loves kof is the bootleg cabs all over so its cheap as fuck to get.

SNKP (or rather, Eolith at the time) mentioned this when they talked about her. I’m guessing it’s the same with Ramon and Tizoc/Griffon Mask.

Doesn’t China play for the same reason?

isnt this also why mvc1/xvsf still has a scene in latin america

I am from Latin America, so i can say:

  1. Bootlegs, but since 1998/99, before that KOF was already pretty popular
  2. Arcade centers are more alive than the USA, i’m pretty sure of that. People here still use centers as a place for escape reality
  3. Fighting games are FUCKING POPULAR here, my country (Chile) still has a huge UMK3 scene, for example

But anyway, the real reason is because KOF FUCKING RULES, i just can’t understand why SNK in general is not know in USA.

Possible controversial question, I don’t mean to offend: Has all the cartel violence around the border (roughly 50K people each year are murdered by the drug cartels) interfered with the KOF community down there? Just curious if people avoid certain areas now.

yeah, wasnt AES systems and just NeoGeo consoles in general just extremely popular over there? i heard for the longest time that system was a MAJOR seller down there and from the late 90s to the early 2000s it was like the only system that really sold around there. of course im probably wrong and it probably also has to do with the fact that they probably bootlegged the shit out of it too. but still, it was pretty popular over there.

Bootlegs are a major part of it, but the MVS format was very cost effective to coin-op operators. Once you had the cab, it was easy to swap out games and artwork for the cab as new stuff came out, the NeoGeo MVS carts were cheaper than typical boards, simple cartridge swap.

neo geo machines were cheaper to afford