KOFXI, SSTenka, NGBC: Lots and lots of scans

From Arcadia Magazine number 64 (being released this weekend in Japan). 16 pages of NGBC, 15 pages of SStenka, 07 pages of KOFXI:


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Neo DIO 4 life.

you mean blackheart? :clap:

duck king is in XI? took long enough :rolleyes:

no, its not Blackkheart…Neo Dio would rip Blackheart a new asshole in roughly 5 seconds…seriously…

^ Blackheart is like the son of Satan well sorta Mephisto, meh Mephisto always gets mistaken for the Devil though.

wish i knew the extent of Neo Dio’s powers so i could debate back but damn, i gotta give it to you for now…

^ Yeah don’t forget that they ARE COMIC BOOK characters afterall, Marvel ones to be exact. :rofl:

yeah yeah yea ya got me, ya can stop pickin on me you got me good :tup: :wink:

^ No worries, anyway how’s that KOF2k2 tourney you guys are setting up for Evo, getting more people in? :karate:

supposedly we’re gonna meet up and discuss the details…but they dont wanna also do 98 and Neowave side tournies which i think is really pompous of my teammates to do think…

And SNK(ADK) bosses aren’t broken enough to deal with broken Marvel characters? =p

for sure they are…hell, i’ll put Geegus against all of Marvel by himself…and he’d win no problem, not much you do against a puddle if it needs to go to that extreme

I haven’t play WH since 2 came out, what did Neo Dio do anyway? I know Geegus was morphing into characters long before any other boss character, but I don’t remeber shit about Neo Dio, other than the weird crop of hair.

Dio in WH2 is incredibly fast and strong, and he has a very annoying explosion throw move. He would make fun of Neo Geegus any time.

Neo Dio (from World Heroes Perfect) is, unfortunately, easier to beat :confused: But I loved his HERO Move (a ranbu-like sequence, and in the end he impales you with his spikes… and he stays in that transformation o_O ).

LOL @ Goodman.

Doesn’t that new boss look like True Zero from KOF 2K1?

He has that in NGBC. It was in the Neo-Dio video from neo-arcadia.

And im thinking they made Goodman look like Ignitz on purpose, considering Ignitz was created by Eolith…

YEah, I noticed his HERO Move is still in NGBC (one of the scans has a pic of the “spikes” part of it). Dunno if he still has his transformation, though :frowning: