KoFXII Console redate is a go!

Cutey Storm on the ignition forums spotted that on the official facebook of KoFXII that the redate leaves the game with a US release of July 28. Hopefully we wont get delayed again! Knock on wood. :wgrin:

2 more weeks. Can’t wait!

Let me guess, this doesn’t include Europe.

The official date for europe is still August 28. I’m going for the 360 version, so if it’s region free I’ll probably import it. 1 month is too long, lol.

I haven’t heard it the games region locked or not.

I really hope that date is official because I almost bought BlazBlue the other day lol but it was sold out and maybe its a sign saying I should wait for Kof Xii but yeah can’t wait for it!!

I didn’t reserve KOFXII but I always get a new game the morning the store gets it.
So it should be good, plus there’s like 5 stores here that sell the game.

and 2 more at the other mall.

At least im getting my copy free since I complained to amazon about their trade in thing and got 65 dollars in free credit.

I just wish it had Mai/Blue Mary…

My All chick team of BM, Mai, and Leona is broken…

Hell yeah, just noticed this on the official KOF XII facebook.

2 more weeks till the return of the KING!

Why does Japan only get the pre order goodies =(

My King, Terry, and Joe team is broken as well. Looks like I’ll actually have to use Andy. Ugh. Lol

so the rumors of the KOFXII cereal is true???


what pre-order gift?

Can’t be. Mai isn’t in the game. She could sell the shit out of that cereal though.

we still don’t know what the DLC will be. But if SNKP was smart they would sell Mai as playable DLC. they already have her official KOFXII artwork for it.

I have a hunch that Mai and K’ are actually in XII, I just think SNKP and Ignition are being really tight lipped about it… but then again it’s just a hunch so don’t take my word for it :sweat:

I’m the type that doesn’t throw a fit if a theory is wrong, so if it doesn’t happen, oh well, but if Mai and K’ become playable characters as DLC (I’d even pay $20 for them), that would be the best thing to make KOFXII more enjoyable, especially online! They already have official KOFXII style artwork for those two, it would
be madness if SNKP doesn’t take advantage of the money making power those two
legends have. After all, it’s the very reason why I feel they were not included on the disk in the first place.

If Capcom can make money off of RE5’s Versus mode, SNKP can make money off of offering Mai and K’ as playable DLC. :rofl: Also the other reason why I feel Mai and K’ weren’t added to the disk, was because instead of rushing their moveset like Mature and Elisabeth, it’s possible they are taking more time to give Mai and K’ a slightly more impressive arsenal.

Well according to All Interactive Distribution, Australia and New Zealand are getting a Collector’s Edition of the game with a bonus figurine. They didn’t say what character it would be though.

Also we need to wait until August 28th :tdown:

I hope they continually add characters as downloads if SNKP decides to do that. I just want King back. How they get rid of her while trying to retain the “Original” roster is beyond me. King was in the original KOF and in the first AOF so… but that’s just me. I want this game but without my main is kinda ugh. They seemed to put a lot of characters in they could have place with tried and true fan favorites.

Nice! I hadn’t heard about this yet.

Blame Raiden:


It would seem like Yuri, King, and Mai would be mainstays. I guess they’re just trying to push new female leads.