KOFXII Japan Loketest Dates

Got this off of Arcade Renaissance who got it off Neo Arcadia.

Apparently the May issue of Arcadia (comes out before May :P) says that the first KOFXII loketests will be on the weekend of April 18 - 20 at Akihabara Hey in Tokyo and in Namba Hills in Osaka. Game is at 40% so it should be pretty good to see how this game turns out.

I’ll be going to the loketest in Osaka, but honestly I’m not that well-versed in KOF (I’m a VF/SF player mainly), so if there’s anything you guys want tested post up and hopefully some more knowledgable KOF players will be able to go and try it out. I’ll be able to try some stuff out too but again, KOF ain’t my main game.

I want to see if Ash has a new super based off of Iori.
He got a new super based off of Chizuru when he stole her powers in 2003, so he should be getting something new from Iori after stealing his powers in XI.


–Whether Terry has his old moveset to go along with his old outfit or if he still has his Garou MOTW moveset (Rising Tackle and High Angle Geyser instead of Power Charge and Buster Wolf)

–If there is still a “Leader” system in the game.

Check to see if Kyo has his cr.B link to close C.

These are the few things I think most people would be interested in knowing:

  • speed of the game
  • speed of hyper hops
  • how easy they are to AA against (XI it was pretty difficult)
  • the wall splat thing
  • the counter attack system (is it any different to previous KoF’s)
  • any other new game system stuff that hasn’t been mentioned
  • the look of the game
  • the number of characters available to play

It would be great if you could give us a little rundown of the systems like you guys did with SF4. Those were excellent reads.

Quoted for emphasis.

I’d seriously hate to see Kyo lose it. D:

pretty much what this guy said. also, try to take some pics or vids please if possible. also, wed like a note of all the available players. if Yamazaki is available, you know who you gotta tel first right? also, how do the supers and sdms work? meaning, do we do the normal super version with light and sdm version with hard and just taking 2 bars, or do you gotta be low on health or be in max mode or, you know, you get the idea. how do they work. thanx man.

Yes check this.

Also if Iori is playable tell us if he’s gotten new moves… storywise he should not have flames anymore so it’ll be intresting to see what his Shoryuken or fireball motion does or even his DM(supers)

I don’t think iori is going to be playable just yet

I think you guys should be clearer in your posts. If he doesn’t play KOF, there’ll be a lot of stuff in your posts he wouldn’t even begging to know what it means.

Re-read your questions and think: “if i didn’t know KOF, would i understand what this means?”

First, thank you for offering.

With the game at less than half you’d have no choice but to center on play mechanics. I say, just concentrate on playing the game as if it was new, that way we can get an unbiased opinion of the game.

I’m sure the game will change immensely from this info gathering anyway.

Seeing as how they are going back to basics, please note if A+B=sidestep or roll.
Also, please note now many jumps are possible, as usually there is small hop, normal, super jump.

I know standard things in KOF, but I guess my knowledge of KOF ends with 99 lol. So anything after that I have noooo clue about. I (and I guess whoever else goes to the loketest) will try to find out about this stuff when I play I guess.

I wish I could go again with you Reno, ol’ buddy, but I can’t. I gotta go back to America for my sister’s wedding.

I hope this game is good as well. The arcade scene can always use another good fighting game.