KOFXII Release Party @ POWNZ 29/07/09



When: Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 7:00PM till Close

Where: POWNZ
307 King St. E
Hamilton Ontario
L8N 1C1

Fees: $10 for Wednesday fight nights from 7:00PM till close or $2 per hour for those who are coming later in the evening




and more!!!

Side Note: SF4 Ranbats are also running as usual on this night. Feel free to join in! $2 entry!


Vince, I am so fucking tempted to go.


I’ll bring the blow.


I’m coming


aaww skkeeet skeet skeet mutha F***er :rock:


I want a free copy of the game. If I dont get it Im gonna rob someone who does. Thanks.


fuck yah. chance for free copies of KOFXII… never played KOF but fuck it looks better than blahzblue

wahts on the menu?

plz say Roti and teh beeerz


It’s better than SFIV


fuck Hisham is better than SF4.

Wait no i take that back SF4 > Hisham for sure.


what loser just neg reeped me for joking in this thread? Sith rage will be unleashed.


lmaooo i’m down for sure, someone make the ride situation happen, dice i’m looking at you lol


I will try to book time off from my night job to come to this. I’ve been wanting to try out XII for quite some time.

Since I’ll be a new member if I do come out, how much extra will I have to pay on top of the $10 Fight Night fee?


Isn’t this the last day of the RanBat? Ugh… that bracket is going to be way bigger than normal. So much extra work.

Did Drekken say how we can win copies of the game? Is there multiple copies and on different consoles? I get the feeling you have to win the tourney to win a game. Might need to brush up on videos and find out who does the most damage for the least amount of work before playing Jay in finals.


unfortunately it’s only xbox360 but we might be able to do something about it.

Nagata: Nobody said you had to win the tourney to win the game :stuck_out_tongue: There are more than a handful of copies to go out that night.

Yasanagi: normally it’s $10 separate, but i will see what i can get POWNZ to do for new members.


very presumptuous there Justin. I dont know whether I should use sith mind trick on Drekken to give me a copy, or sith rage on everyone else. hmmmmm… we sith have so many options.


:rolleyes: It’s only 360. Useless. Now it’s a win & exchange situation. :rolleyes:

Paul; I’m really only worried about the few SNK heads that might show up. It’ll be a crapshoot regardless but people trying to win this thing without understanding the mechanics behind SNK’s wacky engines are going to be in for a real surprise.


I think I should get a copy because no one else believed in KoF but me :frowning:

and Vanny
and Nagata
and Nooble
and Rey
but not Hisham


i heard some moves need a halfcircle back+ forward to execute…
sounds execution heavy

me likes.


So no PS3 version available to run on that day? Because I was hoping to try XII out with a Sony pad as well since I usually play my SNK stuff on a PS2 pad.


are there going to be any girls? legal girls to be exact . . .