KOFXII tier list and discussion

For shame! This game has been out for months and no tier lists?? This is SRK people.

S - Kyo, Joe
A - Ash, Duo Lon, SHEN WOO, Iori, Terry, Andy, Raiden, Athena, Chin, Robert
B - Beni, Daimon, Kim, Kensou, Ryo, Leona, Ralf, Clark

Kyo and Jo both have damaging BnB combos that work anywhere off of light taps, and have versatile movesets.

I think Terry might join those two- he can a very strong corner combo, can combo easily into his cancellable df+C off of light taps, and c.C and c.D have great reach.

Raiden should move up a bit too, he can really deal silly damage, his BnB throw combo does more than a lot of supers.

Leona sucks cos she just doesn’t do anywhere near enough damage. In a game where half the cast have fireball/dragon variants, Ash and Athena have by far the best of both.


Tier list from Arcadia this month (June/July)

S Rank: Kyo, Iori
A Rank: Terry, Andy, Joe, Shen Woo, Kensou, Ralf, Kim, Ryo
B Rank: Robert, Ash, Chin, Raiden, Daimon
C Rank: Benimaru, Duo-lon, Leona, Athena
D Rank: Clark

Heh, I thought Alternate started this thread. This is his kind of thing.

Anyway I thought most people just agreed to ignore that tier list?

I can easily tell you haven’t played the game enough (Joe in S lol) but I’ll be honest and say that neither have I. It is way too early but I still disagree with alot of things. Where does that tier list come from?

Anyway, here are my thoughts:
Terry is very good.
Raiden is very good. People are sleeping on Daimon.
Iori belongs up in S easily.
Ash’s damage output isn’t that good yet you say Leona’s sucks. Wrong! Leona has good damage btw and a good corner combo too. However, Ash is good too.
Ralf should be sitting pretty right around Shen Woo and Terry.
No clue on Duo but Andy HAS to be upper A.
No clue on Chin.
Clark does suck.
Not much more I can say other than all of the cast has tools to win. Everyone can do damage and I’m confident that everyone has a unique corner combo. It’s pretty balanced imo.

I’d like to see the thoughts of other people who played it and god forbid this thread derails…
Albeit it’s too early, I really would like to see the opinions of other people who have been playing it.

Edit: You’re kinda dumb for saying Ash and Athena have the best AAs. Kyo’s DP and Joe’s Tiger Kick are really stupid.

:looney: Here it comes.

Didn’t this tier list come out ages ago and was pretty much disproven for the most part?

yes it was, I had found it on IGN by another user and posted it in the discussion thread

OMG, I love tier list discussions!
Yeah, unfortunately he beat me to the thread making, but only 6 posts later did I find the thread :rofl:

Welp, time to circle the bottom half of the list and play my characters :lovin:

But I digress. This is SRK and it’d be impossible to discuss character strengths and weaknesses. Nevermind.

It’s not like it’s impossible, just SRK has it’s share of people who don’t care what other people say. It’s still a good resource to speak your impressions for those who do like me who don’t really have much of any access to the game and need something to think about during this month long wait until the game comes out for console.

Chin seems like he’s retarded to play against…there.

that’s my list.

lol Tier lists

I’d use my 3 characters ( Ash , Kensou , and Duo Lon ) no matter where they are on the tiers , tier whoring is really lame IMO

only reason I’ll stop using 1 of those characters is that if they’re the #1 on the tier list or insanely overused ( Ken in Sf4 in an excellent example )

anywho , from what I’ve played I’m guessing these will be the top : Terry , Kyo , Ralf , Robert , and Iori

On the cool Imo. You should just use who you enjoy playing with, and play with who you think will get you the most wins consistently. That’s what it’s all about. Tier whoring or not whatever the case maybe…use what works.

When I first started playing SF4 (sorry not derailing so ignore this) I ran into scrubby peeps and unpredictable peeps with outrageous mad tech skill. Now both Scrubs and Pros alike raped me. Now imo they ruined Fei even though as much as enjoy reppin him. I don’t feel I can win with him most of the time as I could back in previous games. So I tried Ryu…but of course I don’t wanna rock something I see all the time cuz it gets stale, and makes me wanna go play something else tourney wise.

So finally I tried Honda. He’s perfect for me. I like the character, he can win without having just instant just add anus matchups, and that’s a win win in my book.

If you don’t have any characters you like that you can’t win a lot with do what I do don’t play the game, move on. That’s what I did with SF4 even though I respect/spectate it I won’t play at a high level because it pisses me off that I want to play the more flashy, swaggerific characters such as Fei, Cammy, and Rose but I can’t win with them. I most likely just suck, or maybe I don’t who cares either way I ain’t winning how I see fit…I don’t like to be denied:rolleyes:. I don’t like to think I suck lol. On top of that I can’t stand most of the roster. So yeah do what gets you off.

Cool story bro.

god not that garbage-ass tier list again

if everyone wants to obsess over character rankings, here’s how I see things:

Iori tier - Iori
Really good tier - most of the cast
Characters I’m not sure about and are between good and crap - Duolon, Kim, Leona, Ryo
Crap tier - Athena, Clark, Kensou

I’m sure I’ll see some characters in a different light when console version comes out and I get to play a greater variety of opponents (provided the netcode isn’t complete balls), but really this game still seems surprisingly well balanced after 2 months. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the tiers, just have fun trying out different chars and use whoever clicks with you. I don’t even have a consistent “serious” team as there’s like 7 different characters I think are “good” and I enjoy playing as, so my team’s always a mixture of them.

Lord BBH- you’ve made this thread an instant classic with Iori being in the Iori tier-ROFLMAO- damn I wish u had a PS3…damnit

As long as Kyo,Ryo and Ben are good that’s all I care about.

Seeing as how Ignition is getting new builds all the time, my guess is that there’s gonna be some character fixes. But yeah, I’m glad to see that for the most part, the game is very well balanced. It’s nice to see a lot of “viable” characters.

Personally I think Leona and Kensou have a lot of untapped potential.


I also can’t wait for some matchup information as well.

I didn’t think it was THAT funny but if you say so :x even though I think a lot of characters are really good, I still think Iori is #1. He’s not WAY better than the rest of the cast, just a tiny bit better.

Why would new builds of the console version mean character rebalancing? They’re probably just ironing out bugs.

Leona could be good, I dunno since nobody really plays her around here (I don’t like how she plays in any KOF ever and I don’t like her in this). Kensou though, I don’t really see what else he can do. He has some combos up close, but if he’s not up close there’s not much he can do because a lot of his normal moves are horrible. Bad range and low damage means you gotta work a bit harder to win with him.