KOFXII tier list and discussion

The tier list is not my opinion. I got it from Cyberfanatix and Orochinagi, this is the one that has been going round. I agree with it for the most part. We’ve had this game in London since day of release, and most of our top players (you can see our RB1 on neoempire.com) agree that Joe and Kyo are definitely top.

Joe’s BnBs are really good, good specials and mix up too.

I didn’t really explain my views on Ash and Athena very well. What I meant is that if you want to play a fireball/AA game a la classic SF2 strategy, the closest equivalent are Athena and Ash as they have quick fireballs for excellent zoning and very good AA options. Try standing a few character lengths away and throwing fireballs with Andy or Robert and you’ll see the difference. With Ash I’ve got a fair few wins with her as my starter just zoning with her sonic booms and catching them with anti air super or C projectile/flash kick. Plus her corner combo of (c.B, c.A, b,f+a) X 2, kick super does a LOT.

Likewise Athena’s 2K2 style game is still effective.

I too think it’s close. I don’t really know too much about ‘which letters to use’ in tier lists. For me it’s just Joe and Kyo are noticeably better than the next tier and likewise over Leona and Clark etc. I agree that it’s close. Maybe A, B+, B- would be more accurate, but by S I just mean top.

I play Ash, Leona, Terry for the record, so I know most about them. Leona is definitely lower than most characters due to damage output.

As far as Kensou is concerned, Tim119 is the best player in London (I think he is from China where he learned KOF) and he plays Kensou. I think there are vids of him knocking around neoempire, check the front page.

EDIT: lol someone just messaged me that Ash is a guy hehe. Yeah I did know that but I still inadvertantly refer to him as her cos he just looks like a girl!

You guys don’t have any Iori players I take it. :wonder:

Well to be honest I think playing her more like 2k2 is way more effective. Her offense is annoying too.

As for Ash… he’ll be the obvious scrub pick. In a game without heavy mobility he’d be hell but since this is KoF, that’s rather easy to avoid. I’m sure he’s much more nastier than people give him credit for in this game but I’m going to need console for that. :wasted:

I agree that Kyo is very very good, but Joe is not top. His slash kick is suicidal on block, and if you spam tiger kick you’ll get punished for that too. Add that to the fact that his normal moves really aren’t all that great. Sure his low B’s are good and can chain into his f+B easy, but if you’re out of range he doesn’t have a very good poking game. He’s just nowhere near as solid a character as say… Iori…

Do you believe trying to play a fireball/DP style game is going to be all that effective if your opponents figure out how to clash fireballs? Athena’s psycho sword really isn’t all that great, reflector actually seems like a more reliable anti-air. Either way her game kinda falls apart when people realize what can be done against fireballs, it’s pretty tough for her to do good damage anyway. She’s another character that just feels kinda limited.

Ash is really good though.

Shouldn’t we wait for the console release before we talk about tiers. Its funny how you all make Clark sound like he cant win at all, especially Lord BBH. I think, he looks pretty decent. Also I think the biggest problem players are having is that can’t only rely on his Argentine Back Breaker. I rarely see anyone use his air throw or his foot stomp in videos I have seen of him.

I’ll make this my 12th post on the Clark matter! (Or have there been more? You’re apparently keeping track of my posts so let me know)

Clark doesn’t have a “foot stomp”, he has a command dash. His air throw is complete garbage because it loses to air attacks every time, so the only way you’re going to grab anyone is if they do an empty jump/hop. I already explained this in the other thread, shame you’re not actually reading my posts because I explained how all his moves work.

Really though I don’t know what is it with you Clark fanboys and your inability to accept that he’s just not that good a character in this game. Also did I ever say that he CAN’T win? No. He doesn’t have a bunch of 1-9 matchups or anything like that. But he’s still a bad character compared to pretty much the rest of the cast. DEAL WITH IT.

Yes, we do have Iori players. Go to neoempire.com, look for the KOFXII RB1 video. The player who wins the tournament uses Iori. Iori is probably the most popular character in London, along with Kyo and possibly Raiden and Leona.

Your contradicting yourself about Ash: he’ll be popular with scrubs, he’ll be easy to avoid due to mobility in this game, but you think he’s better than people will give him credit?? He’s ranked 3rd atm. He’s one of the best characters.

And no, we don’t need to wait for the console release for tiers, whoever it was that said we needed to. Plenty of people have been playing this for months now, myself included.

I was thinking that they might made some tweaks to some characters in the console version. As for Clark, I accept he is the weakest fighter in the game. But I still think he is high C tier / low B tier. Also Lord BBH, I am not Clark fanboy. I just want to choose to be positive about him.

I mean everyone though Chin and Ralf were useless, until the videos from Arcade Infinity.

I’m THE Clark fanboy and I’ve already accepted that he isn’t good in this game for a while now, so don’t make generalizations here.

The only reason I’m still using him is because he’s my character, and I’ve had to deal with my favorite characters being nerfed badly in the past.

Must’ve been watching too many videos where Kensou rocks the match, but I’m guessing you might be right. For Leona, after seeing the Finals matches in LA there was a guy doing a crazy zoning game with Leona.

Eh, regardless, what I’m trying to say is that maybe we’ll get some rebalancing here or there.

I beg to differ :nono:

Also do tiers really matter that much in KoF? I mean its not like SF where characters are really limited to what they can do, in KoF there are more tools that ALL characters can use in different situations. I don’t see KoF as a game where one character can completely shut out another character (gief vs sagat) or anything like that.

^^I ain’t going to play this game boy, there’s nothing to prove.

Tiers matter here too, because in EVERY fighting game there’s always going to be someone with the better tools. There’s been some pretty unbalanced KOFs out there and at least so far XII is doing quite well. I personally don’t care for tiers and just play who I want.

Tiers and more importantly matchups really do matter in KOF. Especially the non-tag ones.

How the hell is Leona zoning in XII BTW? Leona always seemed like pure rushdown to me, at least after 98.

I’m god tier. And so is everyone else.

Sorry but Fei-Long’s always been garbage tier, try again.

Good thing I am not Fei-Long then eh?


If you really had been playing the game for months now the tier list would hardly look like a day one tierlist. Your opinions on it alone show your inexperience with the game. Athena and Ash having the best AAs? You’re a riot.

Nice post. Yeah the game is more about skill then ‘character tier’. When you go up against an opponent who is about the same skill the game goes to the person with better strategy. If anything they should make a thread on character matchups instead.

Yeah thats pretty much a laugh at…

OMG anyone who says Fei Long is garbage has to answer to me!!! WATCHAAAA!

Anyhow, how is my man Andy Bogard in this game? I swear, it pisses me off to see everyone always just using Terry, Kyo, Iori, blah blah blah. BIG props to Jon for being the only one to use Andy competitively.

^He looks both good and extremely fun to me. Some good Andys from AI, maybe they can elaborate on him more.

Andy plays great and you’ve gotta love his feint. If I like him enough I’ll probably put him on my team.

And get outta here Hotdawg, he all know that Dragon would take Fei-Long to school any day of the week.