[KOFXIII] Ash Crimson

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I’m having trouble with Ash’s cr. B, cr. B, b+B, d~u+B combo. Assuming I charge during the cr. B’s, can I roll to b+B then to ub for the last move, or do I have to charge during the b+B animation? And it is a link and not a cancel, right?

It’s a link: after chaining into the backward sobat (b+B) start charging down, then link the charge special afterward. There’s enough hitstun for Ash to completely gain a charge, no partitioning or tricks needed. Just practice until you get a feel for it.

The real question is how do you do d.Bx2 > b+B, d~u+B > (DC) b~f+K. Been trying for awhile and I just can’t get the DC to come out.

Charge db, move to ub for the flash kick, then quickly move to f for the cancel. It’s a fairly tight window, you need to cancel before Ash leaves the ground (so right after the first hit).

That’s it! Thanks for the help, I can do it now.

Hmm, not much for me to offer here, but I have been messing around with Sans Culotte ever since that install tutorial video that SNK uploaded. I thought this corner combo that I was able to figure out was pretty fun.

j.D --> close s.C --> b~f+D --> (SC) A,B,C,D --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b+B --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b+B --> b,f+D --> b+D --> b,f+A --> qcb, hcf+AC (2 meters, 1 Drive; 20 hits, 509 damage)

People underestimates Ash’s capabilities to much, especially the power of Sans Culotte.

Ash has a lot of strong tools and traps. Too bad you don’t get to see much of it due to the fact that a lot of people play him like a brainless Guile.

Ash is considered one of the best zoning characters in the game. I tend to play rather offensively with Ash however - Set Genei’ up mid-screen, perform a Back (charge) forward A, and then rush in on the opponent. Sans Coulette is a awesome move to combo into as well. If I place Ash as the first character to use that means I want to get insight on my opponents habits and strategies. Can play defensively in this manner. If Ash was anchor, I will save up as much meter as possible with other characters who have reliable non-meter combos (like Leona or K’). Ash’s EX projectile hits twice and does a considerable amount of damage as well and there is soft knockdown after the fact. I would probably use the EX projectile up close, while the opponent is near the corner, I could set another Genei’ and utilize a DM move.

Ash has so many tricks up his sleeves, it is not even funny. It is a nightmare to go up against a good Ash player.

He seems to be effective that way. So why not? And zoning isn’t brainless, it’s hard to get zoning to work, especially in this sort of game.

Exactly. I play a very lame Ash on point, and I always laugh when I get rage mail about it after their first two characters spend most of their time running into my fireballs and Genies. It’s like people forget hopping and rolling exist.

Because Saiki does zoning better :V

Console changes in general really hurt Ash combo-wise. He does less damage for his long shit which also now builds a shitload of meter for opponent, and can’t finish shit with NM which is the new “thing” to do for HD. He’s still certainly usable, but for the effort required to make the most out of him it arguably just isn’t worth it unless you just really like him imho.