KOFXIII "Climax" confirmed for Arcades


Seems that is the upgraded console game, but for Arcade! with Billy and all the stuff. Nice!

Perfect, now expect this game to reach exorbitant leves of high level play

Heh been wondering when they’d update the arcade ver.
…but why go to all the trouble of adding a subtitle? …and Climax? Eh whatev~

Damn…now America has no excuse not to step up.

An update to KOF13. Sweet.

If America can even get it. I think they’re releasing it on Neisca (sp?), that system in Japan where you just download the game. If they have a non-Neisca version, American Arcades could get it. I don’t think it’s likely if they don’t.

BBCS2 came here.

They released a non-Neisca version of BBCS2. It’s cheaper to release it on that system than to go through the whole song and dance.