KOFXIII Console (360/PS3) Bug /Glitches Thread

they need to fix the weird throw trade glitches where you can trade an attack that has an effect like flames or something with someones throw and still get thrown while they’re on fire…

There’s also the drive gauge bug where it lights up even when you have less then 50% meter. It happens on both consoles.

I think this is just visual bug.

I found something else that might interest a lot of Duo Lon players.


If you notice in the video, Duo Lon drive cancels into his projectile from the other side after the second hit of his QCFxA/C Rekka.

  • Corner: (Get close to the opponent, you might want to run towards them in the process)
    Close EX f.A > QCFxA x 2 > (when you attempt to get the third hit of Duo Lon rekka in, he will instead end up on the opposite side of his opponent, drive cancelling into his projectile move instead. The said projectile can be utilized for continuing combos as well. Whether this glitch/bug/mishap helps his game play style is up to people’s interpretation entirely.