[KOFXIII] Elisabeth Blanctorche


This is a comprehensive guide to the KOFXIII character known as Elisabeth (also known as Betty, according to Ash).

Move set:

  • Cou de Pied Ann = f.B
  • Etincelles = QCF+A or C
    NOTE: Very good for building meter - but certainly not as good as it was in the arcade version. Use this technique to continue combos, stop projectiles, and punish hops/jump-ins.
  • Coup de Veine: DP+A or C
    NOTE: This move is your best friend for counter attacks and… juggling!
  • Reverie-Souhaiter = QCF+B or D
    Reverie-prier = QCB+B or D
    NOTE: This is her unique method of movement. Reversie-prier gives her lower body invincibility. Reversie helps Betty close the gap between her and her opponent. EX version gives her full body invincibility. She can also cancel into any of her other special move during this move.
  • Reverie-jere = QCB+A or C
    NOTE: A reactionary counter movement. A version is meant for high/mid attacks while the C is meant for low. If done successfully, Betty teleport’s and allows the player to punish accordingly. EX version is an instantaneous counter that works on all high, mid or low attacks - the opponent LOCKED into a hit-stun. On a mid-air opponent, they just stand on the ground again in the same hit stun as she teleports.
    Mistral = HCB,F+A or C
    NOTE: Her command grab… a 7 frame command grab. You can combo after the EX version.

DM: Noble Blanc:QCFx2+A or C.

DM: Grand Rapheal: QCFHCB+A or C.

Neo Max: Etoile Filanto: QCBHCF+B or D
NOTE: The Neo Max in itself works as a counter attack. If used in a HD combo as a Max Cancel however, the move will automatically trigger and cause a lot damage.

Betty is another character that can play a variety of roles as a team member, and is very powerful. To elaborate, she has very few weaknesses in her fighting style. Betty fits into any team position and does well. Betty also has a “Geese Howard” thing going on - she has a ton of methods of outright counteracting everything the opponent does. The fact that Betty has a command throw, a unique command dash, and viable anti-air options helps quite a bit. Very well balanced, relative easy to player, and becomes deadly in the right hands. Betty is made to juggle her opponent hopelessly, counter their movements, and punishing the opponents mistakes.
Betty’s meter-less combos are very useful but her weaknesses stem from having limited methods of opening the opponent up for attack so to speak. Her normal moves are have relatively short range but her pressure game is very nice. While Betty does not have a true anti-air, her Etincelles can act as such and probably her s.A to stop a few airborne attacks or jump-ins. Otherwise you carefully space yourself from jumping opponents or counter with Reverie-Jere. Also, Betty has interesting command movement that can help her properly set the opponent up for painful punishment. Her DP+C sets the opponent into a juggle state. In the corner a good meter-less combo would be some like this - s.C, f.B, DP+C, QCF+C, DP+A, j.D. At midscreen, the ideal meter-less combo would be this - s.C, f.B, DP+C, DP+A, j.D. Another aspect that needs to be understood is that Betty has some of the best juggle combos, as well as the ability to have a good time using supers more than once in a combo. Betty is a very well rounded character who can devastate many opponents strategies and provide great possibilities for the player. Her HD combos require quite a bit of precision but they are generally damaging. Always keep in mind that her QCF,HCB+P has anywhere-juggle properties - this can be a very method of finishing a lot of combos.


Here is a short combo video on Betty’s behalf. She is a very fun character to use once you learn her game play fundamentals.




Here is a safe jump set up on Elizabeth’s behalf:



Whenever you are trying to do a HD combo and you are canceling from DP into a QCF+P motion, DO NOT PRESS FORWARD DURING THE DP MOTION. The player needs to conduct a perfect DP motion and then immediate go back down for the QCF input.
This will mostly apply to Betty’s 2 bar HD combos.
Otherwise, her HD combos become far more easily (and a bit more damaging) if she has over three meters.
Here is a Dream Cancel podcast on Elizabeth, constructed by three awesome KOFXIII players well known as Desmond Delaghetto, The Answer, and Killey.




Question for experienced Liz players, is it impossible to cancel her QCF+K into QCF+P? It’s easy to cancel her back sliding move into QCF+P but her front slide always results in a DP. Can anyone shed some light on this?


Try tking the qcf. It’ll prevent dp from coming out. Can also be used to run up and qcf.


Sorry I’m kind of new to the KOF scene and don’t know the terms well enough yet, what does “tking” mean?


tiger knee. Originates from Street Fighter. End the qcf with up-forward instead of forward.


That seems to work, thanks, but I was hoping I could get it to come out as soon as the slide starts. I had an idea to use the slides to mess with the opponents heads but it’s not as easy as I thought.


A question about the ending of Elisabeth’s team, so potential spoilers below.


After defeating Saiki in Ash’s body with Elisabeth’s team, she goes insides the car while Shen and Duo Lon stuck around at the arena. At this point did Shen and Duo Lon not have any memory of the fight with Saiki in Ash’s body? They said something about a promise, but did they really not know what happened to Elisabeth? And what is this promise actually?


Might be something friendship-related because Ash used to be on good terms with Betty, Duo, and Shen. I’m not really sure what else it could be.

Now to speak a little about personal experiences with Betty as of yesterday in Ramstein, Kaiserslautern casuals… For some reason, I’m finding it easier to perform Betty’s mid screen combos by looping DP+A into QCF+A. At the corner, the player will have to cancel into QCF+C instead for a little more damage. Our girl Betty here can rack up over 700 damage off of 2 bars, but you just resort to EX QCFx2+P.
For a short review, here are some good meter-less combos to start off with are:
1). cr.B, cr.A (or st.A), QCF+A. (Remember that QCF+A has quite a bit of push back on block - also, for this specific combo you need to very close to the opponent).
2). Close st.C, f+B, DP+C, DF+A, jumping D (or any jumping Heavy normal - you will still get the reset anyhow. Always keep in mind that you can go for her QCF,HCB+P super for the Anywhere). This is a good mid screen combo.
3). (corner) Close st.C, f+B, DP+C, QCF+C, DP+A, jump D (or any jumping Heavy normal).

It would be a good idea to take advantage of Betty’s jumping B towards the grounded opponent. Very annoying pressure tool.
As of now, I am trying to put a little more emphasis on Betty’s counter series for punishing mistakes off of reckless opponents.


They have already lost their memories of Ash (or everything that happened during the Tales of Ash Saga) at that point as a result of the temporal paradox. As for the promise, it’s probably related to this ending:


The promise they made is that they’ll meet and team up again.


Oh poor Betty, poor poor Betty and Ash. (T︿T)
I should start learning Ash and put him on my team with Betty.


… That’s just sad. They never quite got around to teaming up together again after 03. Duo apparently got suspicious of Ash after 03, so Elisabeth contacted him and Benimaru to join up with her in KOFXI… Then after KOFXI, Shen started noticing Ash’s changes (hence the trick he pulled on Shen and Oswald in their ending in XI).

This really doesn’t help Betty at all, since both her and Ash practically grew up together.
Note that Elisabeth’s Team theme song is called “Each Promise”.

BTW, love the Megaman X avatar (Megaman fan here).


If there will be a sequel to XIII it’s very likely that it’ll be a dream match game, so we’ll probably see more of Ash in the future. It’s been a tradition of sorts that there will be a dream match game at the end of each arc with KOF '98 after the Orochi saga and 2002 after the NESTS arc.

Why is that all dream matches have Rugal as the final boss?


EDIT: Nevermind i found the order i like!


Uploaded a 2 bar HD combo on Elisabeth’s behalf.


Elisabeth Safe Jumps/Set ups!

Neat stuff about Elisabeth’s QCB/QCF+BD


Just uploaded two new 2 bar HD combo variants:


This is my first KOF, my team is Duo Lon, Liz, K. I’m a complete noob to this game (bought it Friday) and KOF in general, any beginner tips on what to work on with Liz first?