[KOFXIII] Elisabeth Blanctorche


Just uploaded two new 2 bar HD combo variants:


This is my first KOF, my team is Duo Lon, Liz, K. I’m a complete noob to this game (bought it Friday) and KOF in general, any beginner tips on what to work on with Liz first?


Seems to be putting her first, build meter, try to get in with that SRK+C move or jump in.

An okay first character but she has a lot of disadvantages.


I thought Duo Lon should always be first if he is on your team? Right now I have Liz in the middle spot, K at the end.


Liz can’t do a lot with meter. Not the same way that K’ and Duo can anyway.


But Liz has massive TOD combos, I thought that was the whole point of her character along with her parries. Duo Lon builds meter super fast but is a low damage character.


If you are new to KOF, don’t worry about team composition yet. There is also a tutorial on Elisabeth provided by JuiceboxKing. But, keep in mind about the KOF fundamentals:


I’ve also organized some FAQS on KOFXIII for new players and players coming from different games:

Be sure to watch this video on Elisabeth when you get the chance:


Wow thx for all those resources! Those faq pages had a lot of tips. Juicebox tutorial is very informative, I love the character of Liz much more now that I know how those specials and supers really function. Already I felt she played really unique, unlike any character I’ve ever played in any other fighting game. That’s why I picked her. Hopefully she isn’t really too much for a beginner, cause I’m definitely not dropping her even if she takes really long to be competent with. A few questions.

  1. With the short cuts, are those really better/easier? The QCB,HCF or QCF,HCB motions seem more fluid than the shortcuts.
  2. Any high level liz match play? Who is the best Liz player right now?


I’m having a hell of a time trying to cancel her command dashes into specials, is there some shortcut for this?


@blufang To answer your question you should see a series of short cuts on the Dream Cancel wiki in the following link:

Also, here is a relatively recent video, addressing the Elisabeth vs Mr. Karate match up:


Uploaded a better combo series sample for Elisabeth:


This is a follow up from the last upload - For the 2 bar combo, one more DP+A was added:



Below is what happens when you start a combo from far st.D HD Activate far st.D.

So from personal experiences… it is important to keep in mind that hop j.B is really nice. After j.B cross ups, confirm the hits with cr.B, st.B… if the opponent blocks… stop the block string. If the opponent is getting hit, follow up with a special move.
(Keep in mind that qcf+A has a lot of push back on block). If the opponent starts getting too defensive, it would be a good time to attempt a throw/command throw (hcb,f+P] but please be on the look out for alternate guard and prepare to go for another normal when applicable. Try not to get forget about her counter specials either - her qcb+A (or EX version) works very well against jump ins. It is also important to scare the opponent with qcf+P’s due to it’s relatively quick start up, safety on block, and it hit box… use this in moderation.
Personally, I use meter for EX qcf / qcb+K. The reason behind this is because during the EX version of Elisabeth’s command movement, if she cancels into her special moves they will automatically come out as EX moves as covered earlier in the thread (and it will still also count as one meter burned). She is also invincibility for a short period during the dash. Most players will also resort to finishing combos with her qcfhcb+P move thanks to it’s anywhere juggle state property, the hard knockdown, among other things. (Actually, both of her supers are pretty useful for finishing combos. It is possible to use them as reversals but they are obviously risky and need to be used in moderation. Otherwise, you just combo into them for good damage). Other EX moves in Elisabeth’s arsenal help Elisabeth dish out damage because they cause juggle states for extended combos, giving the player more lead way for what to do when meter is available - see Juicebox’s video for reference.
The notations for the 2 Bar HD combo are, as follows:
[Corner] close st.C, f+B, BC, close st.C, f+B, dp+C, qcf+C, dp+A HDC qcf+C, qcf+C (x4), dp+A, qcf x2+AC = 776 damage (if you start this combo with j.D, it is 804 damage. If you start the combo with far st.D HD far st.D, you get 795 damage).


It is time to learn the ways of Elisabeth Blantorche!!

Towards 1:42, you should notice something cool… and weird.
She used DP+P to pass through Athena’s fire ball to hurt Athena’s zoning game at the mid range. Earlier on in the match Elisabeth will do this twice in a row. That’s definitely something to keep in mind when fighting against characters with a projectile like that. A lot of people really underestimate Elisabeth, but the same could be said for a multiple group of characters.
After passing the execution barrier in her long term juggle combos, she becomes rather fun to play!


Check out the three following links below:


Elisabeth Resets and Set Ups:

Practical Combos:

Best damage output and combo tutorial guide:

Mr.Karate Match Up Tips.

Something funny.

After watching each of these and from personal experiences in offline matches against others, I am starting to realize how wild Elisabeth’s jumping B is. I love it.


Elisabeth isn’t really underestimated. She’s got tricky tools and can run a train against people who aren’t familiar with her but the same could be said for a ton of other character as well. She’s terrible in XIII due to character and system changes but she’s definitely fun to play.


I’m aware of that.


With that said, we will have safe jumps and set ups.


Some decent Elisabeth game play over here: