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This is my guy…when I first played him in '98, I knew he would be in my main team.
Anyone else using him?

Been using him since FF2 and never looked back.

Since when did Kim become a descendant of Kenshiro?

What would you guys say his biggest strength is? I’d like to pick up Kim but all I got right now is his bread n butter and a couple of hitconfirms into super.

How do you open up the defense with him? I feel now that (as far as I know) he has no safe special moves so he really needs frametraps and ocassionally his overhead to break down an opponent.

Also, what’s his best crossup? Thanks.

Kim is a very powerful character.

In short :
Pros :
Safejumps everywhere
Amazing pressing and frametraps
Some of the best normals of the game for zoning
Better output damage than the average with his combos

Cons :
Poor mixups (Crossup A is correct, you can also use B)
Hard time to build meter
High execution requirement

I don’t know if I necessarily agree with all points. I wouldn’t really say Kim has the best normals for zoning. He’s got two main range footsies and that’s st.B and far D. Both go over lows have have pretty good range, st.B is pretty much a free confirm into ff.A and also works as a preemptive hop anti air, and far D is plus on block and works as an anti air, but neither is particularly strong in zoning game and your opponent doesn’t have a huge reason to fear Kim’s zoning. Far C is like, really really bad in XIII. It’s slow and it’s very bad on recovery, it’s pretty much only good for super cancel gimmicks. cr.C I’m kind of on the fence about. You can cancel into Hangetsuzan which is cool, but as a normal st.B is used in the same application but is just a better normal. st.CD is kinda alright I guess, a bit slow but it’s decent enough if someone blocks it.

As for his damage output, Kim’s damage is pretty average to below average really. Meterless he has a hard time breaking 200 damage, which it seems to me is about the average line, and even with meter his combo potential is fairly limited. Even in the corner with meter you’re gonna be blowing a lot to hit 500 damage, which plenty of characters can hit easily. He’s also one of the few characters that even with 5 meter and HD doesn’t seem to be able to one shot characters. Kim’s damage isn’t bad, but it’s not good either, plenty of characters blow him out of the water damage wise.

And my last squabble, having a hard time building meter. Because Kim is a very rush down and pressure oriented character, once he gets in he starts building meter pretty easily I think. With all of his safe jump setups that lead into more pressure unless you manage to zone him hard I don’t think he’s going to have a hard time building meter at all. He might not have the strongest mixup, but with his great pressure you have to get him off of you eventually otherwise he’s going to guard break you, so people make a lot of mistakes against Kim, and that’s where he gets his money.

Anyways, just my two cents. XIII Kim is one of the more enjoyable Kim’s in my opinion, pretty solid all around, feels very true to Kim’s style, really the only thing he’s missing to make him perfect is the rekka, but if he had his rekka he’d probably be ridiculous if they didn’t ruin it.

[media=youtube]2gjXrROQ-XA[/media] I put up some kim console onyl comboish stuff before… Just to say though I dont think theres anyway that stand D after the ex hishou kyaku is one frame. Because I did that semi infintie with in 15 mins of my first time ever playing the game. Its not that hard, its just specific.

So, far D you can combo off of, but only if you get both hits? And it is + on block? Seems like a good move aside from the first hit.

So is qcb+b definitely unsafe now? I see conflicting reports that it is safe and that it is not safe at all. Is it okay if spaced right?

The first hit of far D goes over lows. Not even kidding, it’s silly. It’s just a good move all around. And no, QCB+B is not safe no matter the spacing. Maybe if you can find some kind of meaty setup, otherwise no.

Welllll, if you space QCB+B it only becomes punishable by very select stuff. Sometimes only DMs for some characters. But yeah in general, risky to toss out most of the time.

No, only the second hit needs to connect. Dunno off the top of my head if it’s + but it’s likely that or neutral.

So what exactly are Kim’s mid-screen and corner HD combos? I’m really struggling with this for some reason haha.

Right now I’m just scrubbing it up with like, HD activation, qcb+D, 28D, DM, Neo Max haha. Cranks out anywhere from 650 to 750 depending how I start it but I know he can get so much more.l

Midscreen HD combos? Unless you want to get fancy and do Reynald’s full screen swag combo, the one you always need to do is(starting with HD because the combo can start off from s.B, s.C, and s.D):
HD>D>qcb+D>charge d, u+B>qcb+D>Neomax - 600+

I want to make a vid detailing how to get the Hienzan(flash kick), bicycle kick(qcf+B), B Hagetsuzan in the corner or near it. EVERY Kim player needs to know it not just for style, but for damage as well.

For 3 meter midscreen you can add d~u+B DC QCB+BD before the Neo Max to push the damage to almost 800 I believe. It also carries better and if you’re in the center of the stage or pretty close to it, you can even push to the corner and get a longer juggle. Also, I don’t know how easy it’s going to be for the rest of you, but learning Flash Kick into Neo Max gives you some very good HD corner combos.

And what’s the damage you’re getting for Flash Kick DC QCF+B, QCB+B? Doesn’t really seem like a worthwhile combo to me.

This video is a nice bundle for anyone picking up Kim.
Player: JohnGrimm

Hi im new kof and I’ve been in training mode for quite some time now. As of right now, I am experiencing lot of difficulty with linking the b version henizan into the neomax. are there any shortcuts available. I’ve tried the whole downback and upback motion and it is not working to my advantage in terms of execution. Any pointers? Thanks.

Kim is an awesome character! It has been solidified that he is extremely noteworthy in the tournament department. He possesses very good normal, generally useful EX moves (EX hcb+K for example), high damage output, and fits into any position on a team.
Kim also has a very great Neo Max that can do a lot of damage unscaled, part of the reason why his damage output is so good. Kim also has a lot of good options in mid air and he has very good mix ups when corners the opponent.
A staple Kim combo would be something like this:



Here is a character tutorial by JuiceboxKing himself: