[KOFXIII] Kyo Kusanagi


I, the Great Dark Hero, will construct a guide for Kyo Kusanagi for a fighting game well known as the King of Fighters XIII.

I am a little surprised that no one has made a forum for this particular character yet. In this game, Kyo is now, more-or-less, a shoto clone. Personally, he did not really have the need to be one, especially at this point - but, since SNK was so kind to provide us with EX Kyo (EX Kyo is basically his KOF98 version, but only with his NEST’s costume which is still awesome of course). Now… Let us get down to the nitty-gritty and learn about this cool character!
Yep, yep! The first thing that needs to be understood is that Kyo Kusanagi hits very hard and is still quite combo friendly. He has every tool at his disposal. Look!! A nice DP (the C version hits three times in a row with a few more start-up invincibility frames - not safe on block but build meter). For Kyo has a useful ground-based projectile called the Yami Barai. This projectile should be used sparingly since the character can just jump over it, though the player CAN use this for corner juggling purposes. Zoning properly with this projectile and his nice set of normals is what the player needs to succeed. His Orochinagi can be used easily in mid-air and during high damaging combos. Kyo can do very well, with and without meter. Kyo’s EX HCB+K is a one frame command throw so don’t hesitate to use this if the opponent gets too reckless. A lot of Kyo’s good combos rely on him launching his opponent into the air with his upkicks (QCF+K) - both of the kicks come out automatically and they are safe on guard (except for one frame grabs). Kyo’s damage output is pretty sweet for the most part too and he has a pretty good Neo Max as well. Plenty of HD combo opportunities from his overhead, his df.D command move, and can punish other characters exceedingly well. You can not go wrong with playing Kyo - he has everything you need to help you - A projectile, several good anti-air options, good punishes, several forward moving attacks, sweet juggling potential, a one frame command throw, a decent DM, a great Neo Max, and cool HD combos that will help the player win! “Heh, heh, Moetaru??”
**CONS **
In spite of being a versatile character, Kyo has his share of problems, regardless of how the good the player is. The player needs to be careful and consider these circumstances: You notice that a lot of Kyo’s bigger combos rely on him somehow launch the opponent into the air? (i.e. QCF+B or D - drive canceling from HCB+C or D or his DP)… None of Kyo’s reversals are safe at all. Kyo also seems to have a hard time dealing with hoppers, using his normals requires some good timing. Defensive play, zoning, and Guard Cancels will help Kyo out in this scenario and he can do a lot of damage without much meter. Oh yes, Kyo can a huge ton of damage with meter as well, effectively making him a good battery and anchor character. Both one of Kyo’s other weaknesses are using his meter properly - his meter will get chewed up really quickly too, if the player isn’t careful.



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Just a few minor corrections: His ex qcb.K is not 1f, its 4f. (has some invul tho). qcf.k is not safe, you can dp or roll in between the hits, or commandgrab at the end like you mentioned. Dosent really matter tho since you should always hitconfirm into it. Also, his ex orochinagi (charge a little during the superflash) is only 2f and is probably the best super in the game ^^. Also worth mentioning is that he has probably the best cl.C in the game. 3f and ±0 on block. Spam this. You can even link a ex orochinagi on hit haha


Kyo’s practical HD combo’s are, as follows: (Alibi: The majority of Kyo’s HD combo should start with s.C, df+D, HD activation OR - d.b, d.a, df+D HD activation OR - f+B HD activation)

  • s.C, df+D, HD activate, s.C, df+D, qcf+D, rdp+B, [dp+C (HDC) rdp+B]x3, dp+A [HDC], qcf+D, rdp+B, qcf+B, dp+C for 541 damage by itself. (You should be in the corner when you hit confirm into this combo). Here your not really wasting any of your stock. Kyo’s DM’s by themselves are extremely viable and easy to combo into from normal moves and his special moves with expending drives.

  • If you have three stocks and you want to finish the match quickly AND if the opponent is on the last opponent you can use this combo. It is rather easy but you still expend meter - 670 dmg - st.C, df+D, HD activate, s.C, df+D, QCB+D [HDC] QCF+D, Regular Orochinagi, QCFx2+A/C. (If you start this combo with a j.C you get 703 dmg out of it instead) You might want to charge the Orochinagi a little THEN let go and then go from there. This the LAST combo the player should use if they wish to save meter. You might want to start this combo from mid-screen too.

  • For a single super stock, Kyo can get away with things like this for a nice 621 damage - s.C, df+D, HD activate, s.C, df+D, qcf+D, rdp+B, (dp+C (1), [HDC] rdp+B)x3, dp+A, qcf+D, [HDC] rdp+B, (SC in air) air-Orochinagi, (wait) rdp+B, qcf+B, dp+C.

  • s.C, df+D (2), HD activate, s.C, df+D (2), qcb~hcf+AC, (MC) qcfx2+AC - four stocks and for 743. But, use this on the last opponent though… no. Better yet, use this as a finisher for the last opponent because, while this combo is cake walk you’ll be wasting a bundle of meter under any other circumstance (unless you have a good anchor that do not need meter to do damaging attacks - Shen? Betty? Athena? How are ya’ll feeling today?)

  • NOTE: Kyo’s corner pressure does him a lot of justice as well. So here. s.C, df+D, HD activate, s.C, df+D, qcf+D, [rdp+B, dp+A, qcf+D]x3, rdp+B, qcf+B, dp+C all for no stock and a nice 492 damage. For two stock corner HD combos, Kyo should try something like this: s.C, df+D, [BC] s.C, df+D, qcf+D, rdp+B, [dp+C (1), (HDC) rdp+B]x3, dp+A (1), (SC) qcfx2+AC for 730 damage.


Nice work as always man.


I’d suggest after HD activation you use s.D instead of s.C df.D unless you absolutely need that df.D to hit twice to push them close enough to the corner to do the aforementioned combo.

You can also do something like *c.B c.B s.B hd s.C qcf.D, rdp.B, [dp.C dc rdp.B]3, dp.A dc j.qcbhcf.A, qcfqcf.AC for close to 820 damage working from around starting positions. Midscreen you need to use something different, you need to mention that. From starting positions you don’t need the upkicks to get them airbourne, you can get into the [oniyaki red kick] loop by going straight into it from your heavy.

Hit confirming into HD from anything is a must, there’s no ‘should start with’. Knowing that if you hit confirm off a light you need to be doing s.C instead of s.D is the vital info.

You should note that his midscreen combos have you making a choice between oki and carry (hard knockdown off rdp.D or rdp.BD) or damage/ability to knockdown off of s.B (hcb.D). In the corner you are more worried about whether you want to burn meter for much more damage or not.


Thanks for the input bud… I need to see your Kyo again - (I’m one of your friends on PSN - Dark Ice Saiko).


Shame the online for it is so ass, I don’t think we’ve had a good connection yet -_-
Any time I’m on and it says ‘PRACTICE’ just throw an invite my way and we can try


when you do [dp+C (HDC) rdp+B]x3 is there any kind of input shortcut or do I just have to practice doing going from dp to rdp quickly and accurately enough


The shortcut for it is:

hcb,f.C db.C

Not really a shortcut but means you can do it slower.


Here is the differences between this Kyo and the NESTS Kyo:
[]Regular Kyo does not combo from s.C to f.B, while NESTS Kyo does
]The NESTS Kyo has better normals and hit confirms than the Regular Kyo and is more combo friendly
[]The Regular Kyo’s Orochinagi DM is fundamentally better than NESTS Kyo
]NESTS Kyo is not capable of using Orochinagi in mid-air
[]NESTS Kyo has better corner pressure than the Regular Kyo does
]Regular Kyo’s Oniyaki DP+A hits twice and DP+C hits three times. NESTS Kyo’s DP+A hits once and the C version hits twice.
[]Regular Kyo’s EX DP has him traveling straight up in a spiral. NESTS Kyo is stationary in mid-air during his EX DP.
]Regular Kyo has more long range and zoning options than NESTS Kyo does
[]Regular Kyo’s HCF+K up-kicks are automatic. NESTS Kyo will require the player to input an K to finish the move
]NESTS Kyo does not cancel df.D at all
[]NESTS Kyo’s HCB+K requires him to “catch” the opponent and then cause an explosion, while the EX version works as another damaging reversal option. NEST Kyo will still go through the same animation sequence making the move unsafe. The Regular Kyo’s version of this move automatically works after the first successful hit and the animations stops with Kyo’s elbow in front of him. The EX version of the move works as a command throw (4 frames)
]Regular Kyo hits slightly harder than NESTS Kyo (Regular Kyo’s damage output a little higher but not significant enough to be easily noticeable)
[*]Regular Kyo lacks any safe special move reversals, NESTS Kyo has better and somewhat safer reversal options


I’m not too sure I completely agree

  1. The NESTS Kyo has better normals and hit confirms than the Regular Kyo and is more combo friendly

  2. Regular Kyo has more long range and zoning options than NESTS Kyo does

  3. hcb.BD is 4f. Not 1-4f. 4f.

  4. c.B c.B s.B is the same hit confirm for both (differing only by a few frames is silly to call it different). And both have normal > command normal hit confirms that are pie.

  5. o.Kyo has far better space control and zoning. Like leagues better.

  6. n.Kyo’s corner game is just as good, just needs to be played completely differently.


I forgot to mention that NESTS Kyo can chain his s.B into s.B a few times up close. There is also a slight nerf on his air d.C compared to his regular iteration. Otherwise, NESTS Kyo’s and Regular Kyo’s normal are fair game other than the slight differences.

The command throw issue was already addressed.


Not unique to nests. Regular kyo can chain them and gets qcf.b or hcb.b from St.b.


That statement was only referring to NESTS Kyo’s ability to chain into other normal moves from s.B, not special moves. The Regular Kyo does not do this.


Oh word, I misread.