[KOFXIII] Sie Kensou




Random bits of info:

Whiff cancelling Kensou’s CD generates huge range for his specials.

Somewhat obscure target combo: st. B -> st. C. Links into cr. B with basically no effort.


Yeah i just picked this character. first time using a rekka type character in any game, but he was the only one who stood a chance against my friend hop crazy Kyo and Andy ~_~;


Kensou has a rekka series, yeah, but he shouldn’t be using it to pressure like Fei Long or anything; even EX Iori’s rekkas feel better for abare offense though all of his rekkas are poor on block. Characters with fast light attacks or quick horizontal moves will be able to punish Kensou’s first rekka, and the second hit’s recovery is only worse. He can go for a hail mary by delaying into the ending flying kick but if that’s blocked he’s done for since everyone can run forward and punish with a Close normal. Some characters can probably even do a reversal after the second rekka that would option select punish the second rekka or anti-air the delayed ender. However, Kensou’s EX Rekkas are actually pretty safe even if you perform all four grounded hits but it’s not the most efficient usage of meter.

He’s safer off ending blockstrings with his projectile and if the opponent likes to guard cancel roll stop using his projectile and use more normals like his advantageous target combo to bait and then remeaty guard rolls. Otherwise Kensou has a strong set of normals for anti-airing most angles of approach, though he lacks a long horizontal poke for grounded footsies so he has to get in closer into cr/st.B range, use his projectile (which is riskier up close), risk a sweep (which also loses to hops), or approach from a forward or neutral hop, or just wait for the opponent to fall outside their effective counterpoke range.

Any knockdown combo will push the opponent toward the corner where his normal throw converts into a combo and where he can keep the opponent locked down; anti-airing hops with st.D or an early projectile, punishing rolls with a throw, command grab DM, or meaty combo, punishing full neutral/backwards jumps with rdp+D or rdp+BD, or applying frametraps and occasional hop pressure against a more patient opponent.

He has some ‘gimmicky’ options with qcf+P, qcf+K, air qcb+P and his command backflip (B+D) which cancels, but you’ll really have to set up the opponent before relying on these options at all since all can be punished or countered against a more calm opponent, so the risk and reward isn’t much in Kensou’s favor so they’re pretty weak options for more standard or basic play.


so everyone knows he can combo off his normal throw in the corner right?


Yeah, as well as Benimaru and Chin.

Corner Throw,rdp.B 189 Dmg
Corner Throw,rdp.BD 340 Dmg
Corner Throw,rdp.B,(DC)qcb.P,qcb.A,qcf.P~qcf.P,qcf.P~qcf.P,rdp.B 395 Dmg
Corner Throw,rdp.BD,(DC)qcb.P,qcb.A,qcf.A~qcf.A,qcf.A~qcf.A,rdp.B 479 Dmd

Are your best options after it.

More combos here :


What position would you thin he fits best in. I usually have him second or last, i think he needs meter to do damage with his rdp.BD with his throw(corner) as well as cr.B,cr.B string


I put him first since he can keep the opponent on complete lockdown with meaty fireballs on wakeup into a mixup after you end his rekkas in the corner. I haven’t found a great use for his super specials so I just use him to build meter


same here, I always put Kensou on point


I’ve actually been running him anchor even though I don’t think he’s a tip top option for it. I do, however, think Kensou’s EX usage is really strong. His HD combo is pretty dang easy to hit-co and perform, but it’s not the most damage, in fact I think it’s one of the weaker HD combos.


Really though his most damaging move is his EX RDP. move easy to combo into his air qcb.p into qcb x2 p. which is why i keep him second because i want him to have some meter.


Having a ridiculous time trying to get his EX Rekkas down. I sort of have his rekka game set while standing. Trying to rekka following a dash isn’t fun tho~

The EX Rekka x4 just has weird timing. Wish there was a video of someone just doing it. I’m having a hell of a time with it.


When you do it you can just press AC for the first rekka then press one button for the other 3, and the timing is fast, but i really don’t think EX Rekka is really used for much besides a little extra damage.


Trying to do one of his trials, wants me to rekka into ex rekka for six total~ which for my noobish hands is pretty intense. Never played a rekka character in my life, so~ it’s definitely jarring. Didn’t know about the one button after the start, thanks for that.

My issue with trying to do it, I keep getting his DP to come out. Now I know why Feilong and many rekka characters don’t have DP moves that overlap the motion.

Thanks for the tip. <3


Kinda worried my time of placing him as anchor may come to an end. I like his meter usage as anchor outside of his HD damage, but having a hard time opening people up. I can pressure and zone all day npnp, but if they have the life lead they have very little reason to panic when on defense outside of guard meter blinking.


As far as placement with Kensou goes I would always put him as point, maybe second. Yes Kensou can do damage with meter but most other characters can do more damage for the same amount of meter while Kensou has good tools and easy damage combos without meter. His biggest problem is that a lot of his normals are really ass which no amount of meter can help. I just tend to run him first and use rekka combos for battery and get in on the opponent before they have the meter to do blowback or roll cancels.

Also people were bringing up whiff canceling his CD to extend range but i dont really think he needs that since you shouldn’t be throwing out things like kara rekkas or dps anyways and his fireball is more for oki. I tend to whiff cancel his D into fireball so that way if they jump they land on the kick and if they dont they have to block or jump over the fireball which gives kensou time to go in.

And for the love of god ABUSE that target combo. Its a built in frame trap that starts from and standing low and you can use it to confirm into anything from rekka to full hd combo.


Yeah the addition of that chain combo, and being able to link after it, is borderline nuts. Easiest hit confirm in the game, maybe haha.

I need to get use to ending block strings with his fireball rather than a safe distance rekka or nothing at all. Just not use to doing it but need to be.

I want to use his damn air dive punch more but I realize it’s stupid to do and is basically suicide.


As a total beginner, what would you guys recommend I start learning as his BNB for like real matches during casuals this week? Just something I should shoot for and drill to death. The rekkas are slowly coming to me, but I have a feeling I should be doing tons more.


Something simple like cr.B x2/3 xx Rekka series. Otherwise he’s largely a zoning character that makes an opponent do errors such as jumps then punishes them for it. So get used to doing things suck as cr.D xx qcb+P on block and on whiff or punishing jumps and hops with st.D and maybe cancel that into a projectile as well. So I’d practice more doing blockstrings and understanding his normals more over than drilling combos. All he really needs without Drive or Stock is just doing whatever hitconfirm into rekkas, at a basic level.


Yeah Cr.b(x2 or 3) into rekka series is usually what i go with for a safe block string. I know that his rekka’s can be punished but i think the spacing after the cr.b makes it safe.( Not to sure though haven’t really been punished) usually after a blocked cr.D i do a projectile to make it safe, i haven’t tried the Whiff Blowback though, might have to hit the lab up and see what its all about. Also reiterating what Balmung said, i do Abuse this Target combo, cause i guess when people see that heavy punch blocked they just want to go on offense. To bad they don’t see that low kick coming.


off topic but wheres his outfit with him rocking the new balance sneakers and jean jacket lol?