KOFXIII Takuma's db-f+d into midscreen fbf+c

I"m having the hardest time comboing this move. it’s a great move cuz it helps extends his combo a bit besides doing a db-f+B. I’ve looked at the dont drop that combo vid and it’s challenge 9 and am convinced i’m doing it as fast as possible but i’ve only gotten it to hit like 2 out of 50 tries. Is there anything I can do to help with this??

Try, instead of returning to neutral after the db-f+d instead going straight into bf+c, it should work because of how the buffering works.

Yeah I’ve tried buffering it as well. after i do the db-f+d i hold forward and do it too, just really hard to get it done consistently.

after Hien Shippuukyaku, input run command hold the second forward then input back to forward and hit A or C. I’ve done this in practice, yet to do it in a real match.

Thanks a lot man, I’m gonna go try that out right now.