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KOF XIII Hyper Guide - Terry Bogard
"KOF XIII Technical Reference" Chapter 4 - pt. 1: Terry Bogard
[DDTC Combo Video: Terry Bogard - The Lone Wolf’]DDTC Combo Video: Terry Bogard - The Lone Wolf]('http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGsjCLuTSy8)

Terry “The Lone Wolf” Bogard is a very offensive character with a number of ways to approach an enemy, whether they’re blocking or not. With Burn Knuckle and Power wave, he can poke people from afar and continue to apply pressure. His Crackshoot are relatively safe while the D version can put Terry in positive frames depending on if the opponent blocked low or not. Using these moves with his great normals allow you to be very offensive and pressure you’re opponent towards a guard crush.

Aside from being a good pressure/guard crushing character, he has the ability to string combos or follow up with practically any normal move. With such versatility, Terry will leave you thinking: “Are you okay?”

Changes from arcade to console
KOF XIII Console Changelog, Part 2: Terry Bogard
[]Crouching A > Crouching C is a chain combo. Can be canceled.
]Normal Buster Wolf’s (qcf x2+K) dashing speed is now identical to the EX version. But the Invincibility is the same as before.
[]Far D’s recovery time has been reduced.
]Standing CD’s hit detection lasts a bit longer.
[*]Trinity Geyser’s (qcfx2+AC) hitbox has been changed so that it actually hits 3 times.(Translation credit: The Professor)


now terry can do combos QCB A (DC), QCB B, QCFx2 K from anywhere on the screen (bigger damage than EX Rising Tackle).


Huh, you’re right. Only the EX Buster Wolf hit, but I don’t think EX buster wolf hit midscreen after a QCB+B. It usually hit with QCB+D and you only got that in the corner. Maybe you’re right, but I’d have to try it. Terry’s definitely looking strong even with just basic changes.

Also, fixed a few notations in the OP.


that combos now works bro :D, i have a chance to try it at sony gameshow in my country.


here’s a video showing off the changes for terry for the console version. it was taken from the Elive discussion with the dream cancel guys. no commentary.



The new Terry looks like he’s going to have a very strong offensive game (especially if crack shoot can hit people out of cr.B now which I don’t think it can). I’m still sort of skeptical about his neutral game but in that last vid it looks like his far D got buffed so maybe there’s some hope.


He’s still got strong neutral game to the point some characters and people won’t know what to do against him. In Arcade, you can (If someone’s just stumped), constantly do st.C into D crackshoot. If they block low, you can hit them with st.C. If they block, do it again or do EX powerwave to go for a guard crush.


terry’s trial combos. thought I might as well post it here.


Edit: I heard crack shoot still whiffs on opponents using cr.b. I do not like the sound of that.


No, you’re right. It’ll whiff if someone is just crouching and not blocking or attacking (Which in arcade, it would hit in that regard). In arcade, it would whiff against someone who did a crouch B. Only a few characters can get a huge damaging combo off of crouch B though so that’s not a big worry.

EDIT: Something to note, they did not fix Power Geyser or Trinity Geyser like I thought they did and it does not link completely in the corner.


what are Terrys BNBs?


You can do the following as a starter:
st.C, df+C =>
st.D, df+C
d.B, d.A, d.C =>
d.C, df+C (Need to be close) =>
d.B, d.A, df+C (Need to be really close) =>

All of these link to the following follow-ups:
=> qcb+K (Crackshoot)
=> qcf+A/C (Power Wave)
=> qcb, hcf+A/C (Power Geyser)
=> qcfx2+B/D (Buster Wolf)
=> qcb+A (Burn Knuckle) [DC] qcb+K (Crackshoot), d~u +AC (EX Rising Tackle) OR d~u+A/C (Rising Tackle) (#1 BnB) (392-407 dmg)

d.B x3, st.B is a bit different. That can be followed up with Power Geyser, Buster Wolf, any version of crackshoot, or an EX Burn Knuckle only. Can’t do anything else. It’s good when you don’t have meter. Not so good when you have the meter to do DC. You’ll get stock a LOT faster than you’ll get drive so doing a super works too.There are some people that do other versions or super cancels. You’re free to use them as well, no harm in it. They just result in a soft knockdown anyway.

=> qcb+A (Burn Knuckle) [SC] qcfx2+K (Buster Wolf)(EX too)/ qcb, hcf + P (Power Geyser) (EX too)
Corner only => qcb+A (Burn Knuckle), [DC] qcb+D (Crackshoot), qcfx2 + BD (EX Buster Wolf) …delay and optional… qcfx2 + BD (EX Buster Wolf)
=> qcf+A (Power Wave) [SC] qcfx2+K (Buster Wolf)(EX too)/ qcb, hcf + P (Power Geyser) (EX too)

You can get creative with Terry if you’re willing to DC twice or you could just go for an HD combo.


hey Reiko, can you detail on how power geyser doesn’t work in the corner properly? in the trail vid I posted, I see terry hitting with power geyser in the corner when the opponent is directly above terry’s head. are you talking about ex power geyser?

the vid also shows how his neomax doesn’t hit 3 times in the corner. annoying, but the crack shoot whiffing is what really gets me. Edit: urgh, I wanna bitch about that to Atlus or snk directly. how the hell can they let this crackshoot bs get in when it was already known in the arcade version? terrible, stupid bug


Ah, just call me Reiki! And it’s the EX version because the regular power geyser only hits once. You see, the EX power geyser hits multiple times, but the hit detection is a set distance I believe. If you’re in the corner, the character will unnaturally miss 1 of the last hits. This is the same with the Neomax. In midscreen, everything is okie doke, but in the corner, it’s a pain in the butt.

I sent a bug report to Atlus, but it’s kind of complicated. They don’t have any programmers there so they have to forward it to SNKP, but that doesn’t mean some of the DC people haven’t already mentioned this to them. I would have to say they are aware, but did not act. It’s good to show some public discontent; just don’t let it spoil it over into saying XIII or Terry in general is bad. He’s not. Just doing what you want to do isn’t easy at all.

So today I was trying the infamous Trial #5. That crap’s not easy, but I learned a new skill. You can tiger knee with Terry by doing.


and he’ll do rising tackle. This is how I learned how to beat Terry’s Rising tackle [SC] Power Geyser combo. I believe you could do the same thing with Buster wolf just the other way.

So, new tech! You can tiger knee charge moves!


So found something that I’m not sure was in Arcade version or not.

So, if you do EX Power Geyser in the corner, you get a free Regular or EX Buster Wolf. I’m pretty sure the 2nd hit of the EX buster wolf gives anywhere juggle properties, but the 3rd hit doesn’t. I know, dumb.

Also, on counter hit, regular Power Geyser gives anywhere juggle properties. You can get a free buster wolf off it.

So, a corner combo for three stock 1 drive in the corner (Ugh, why do all Terry’s moves push you to the corner, but he does crappy damage there…) is:

st.C, df+C, qcb+A, qcb+D, qcb hcf+AC (EX Power Geyser), qcfX2 A/C or AC (Either EX or regular Buster Wolf). Regular does 551 dmg, EX does 656 dmg. Not all the hits on Buster wolf hit in the corner when you EX it so the regular one is your best choice.

Can also do st.D for more damage and probably does even more in with a hop in attached to it.

2 stock
Power geyser on counter hit, Buster Wolf (442 dmg)
Power Geyser on counter hit, EX Buster wolf (562 dmg)


Okay so it seems you a true Buster Wolf pro my question to you is please tell me that a rising tackle cancelling into a power Geyser is not the only way to use Geyser in a combination. The reason I’m asking is because I’m a rookie in King of Fighters XIII have not played Bogard since Capcom Vs SNK 2 or Mark of The Wolves (shout out to Rock Howard btw he was a beast) are there other ways to use Geyser in a combo?, The combination that I mentioned above is too much tight timing. Thanks for the help if any.


I figured out a shortcut for the rising tackle into power geyser

:d::db::b::ub::u: [Punch] :d::df::f: [Punch]


So I found out crackshoot whiffing on characters who are crouching and not blocking is character specific. characters that I know who fall under this catagory: Saiki (and I’m guessing Ash) as far as other characters go, I didn’t test it. we should make a list of this.


I think any character that’s not fat could either crouch or cr.B under D Crackshoot at the least then go into HD mode. I know Billy gets punished for trying cr.B but he could AA cr.C in-between then get counter hit and cancel into f.A for an additional hit. Needs more testing for sure. I generally don’t like to block string into Crackshoot anyways.


Hi guys! I’m a freshblood looking for some intel’… I’m doing the mission mode of terry and i figured out some of his trick but there’s one that make me really wonder how to do it consistently…
How do you cancel a burn knuckle by a rising tackle ?
Thanks for your help… And sorry for my english… Lol!
Good training !


Yo! Welcome to the Terry Bogard thread. To answer your question, you can actually Super Cancel off of Burn Knuckle as well. You can do EX Power Geyser from a D Crackshoot that juggles in the corner or in an HD Combo, but that’s a bit more advanced. So your optimal means of super cancelling is usually Burn Knuckle. You got to do it a little faster, but it’s a crap ton easier than doing. So, say you run this set-up: st.C, df+C, qcb+A (Burn Knuckle) => Right after that, quickly do qcb hcf+P and you’ll get a Power Geyser. Beware, you need to cancel it real early because if you wait too long, the enemy is going to hit the ground and you’ll miss. Usually does close to 400 damage. Give it a shot!

Also, @Black Genma: I added your findings to the top! Let me know what you gather.

So, the way you do that is by holding down the moment you input/do the move for Burn Knuckle (qcb+P). After atleast 1 second, hold up and you should drive cancel into Rising Tackle. You can start charging even before the move starts by buffering the move so just do it real fast :smiley:


Thanks for the reply Reiki! I’ll be faster and about the power geyser canceling a rising tackle i figured out the same almost the same motion that Mr.X posted… But is it the exact motion? I feel like sometimes the Motion i do is shortest and the power geyser happens…
So guys is there a shortcut ? What’s your way to do it consistently? Thanks guys!
Train hard! Lol