[KOFXIII] Terry Bogard


Dune has Terry at the bottom of his tier :frowning:


Suggestive! Even if tier lists exist, they’re based on opinion and ease. There’s plenty we don’t know about and plenty to learn and use. It might also mean we have to approach Terry in a different perspective. Instead of digging for long damaging combos from mix-ups and overheads, maybe we should be forcing guard crush scenarios or crossups. He has a great crossup in his D and he has some ways to break someone’s guard in one go. I know of one, but the second/third variations I’m still working out to see if they work.


I’m running Terry point on my main team. I got the set ups. I’m going back to my roots.

People are sleeping on meterless Terry.


Yes, because one person’s opinion is absolute…
Even so, low tier in this game is a lot different than low tier in marvel or even street fighter. Everyone can really kill you.


as for as lowest goes, I think its an exaggeration. I mean, he does good damage and has a wide range of tools, and he’s got solid normals. his only real problems are crack shoot not being as good as it could be (I wish it was safer as a pressure tool) and opening the opponent up is not easy when you only have one overhead that costs bar and doesn’t lead into a combo.

either way, I don’t play terry because I think he’s top tier, but an unbiased assessment leads me to seriously question what criteria dun basing him being he weakest. it can’t seriously be “match-up” numbers, because terry doesn’t get dominated by half the cast. a more realistic position would be based on what he does well and how effective he is compared to others. he may be overshadowed by some in the cast, and he could be low, but seriously doubt he’s bottom. that’s a little ridiculous.

how does one play meter-less terry effectively?

reveal your secrets to me…


I agree with Blackgenma I recenty got back with T. Bogard. And I must say he’s maybe the best Character outside of King. But T. Bogard has alot of good high stun moves that takes alot of damage and doesn’t take that much of meter. I usually try to finish everything up with strong rising tackle to go for stuns bar level rising tackle does damage but doesn’t add to stun. I would would highly suggest getting use to his crouching combos lk, lp, cr db-hp into low burning knuckle, it builds meter quick and good range as well. His guard combo damge is great too. I just think tier listing is overrated for now it’s still too early to tell.


Been a bit, everyone! Back from SCR and saw a lot of interesting stuff!

Something I noticed that Nocturnal did to me in a match (So can’t take any credit for this what so ever). After a regular combo midscreen, st.C, df+C, qcf+A [DC] qcb+B … He did st.B and then waited to throw out a power wave. The st.B resets me to land on my feet. If timed properly, you could put someone in block stun as they’re landing or maybe even make them land on it.

I don’t understand it because Nocturnal developed it, not me. However, I think it’s worth a shot with Terry for some midscreen reassurance without spending meter.

EDIT: Messed up the notation earlier so I fixed it.


are you missing an input there? because df+C, qcb+B isn’t a drive cancel. did you mean st.C df+C, qcb+A, [DC] qcb+B?


Yes, forgot to put in Burn Knuckle


OK! I found some interesting things on terry! ok so here’s a list.

  1. C power wave has projectile absorption. it even absorbs EX projectiles. so if you get it out and your in range, this thing will eat you opponents ex projectile and hit them. in short, if you were wondering what use this gimp little projectile has over A version; it absorbs projectiles

  2. I’ve confirm that both versions of buster wolf travel faster than ex burn knuckle. I used two methods to test this out. I can’t find any evidence that ex buster wolf is faster than regular buster wolf though.

Wiki has been updated with this info.

Edit: had something dumb and wrong, so I removed it


Number 1 wasn’t on the wiki? Yea, it can eat fireballs. It’s a bit slower though so you have to anticipate someone’s going to do it. The range is also a bit smaller. Once you get the spacing right, you can punish fireballs and score a soft knockdown when it hits.

The only issues with it are as I mentioned before: It comes out slower and slower recovery as well as the short reach. At the range it will reliably hit, no one should be throwing fireballs.

For number 3, I did not know that. I figure that means you should punish people with Buster Wolf instead of Ex Burn Knuckle.


It was in the official Console Change List that Buster Wolf’s speed was increased to that of EX Buster Wolf. The difference between the moves is invulnerability and damage.


It’s still good to know that EX Burn Knuckle is slower than Buster Wolf. Does more damage anyway.


the reason I mentioned the buster wolves differences between the ex and regular was to check if there was any start-up differences between the two. like,what if ex buster wolf started up in 3 frames and the other in 5 frames, even though the dashing speeds were identical. I didn’t bother with doing super extensive testing on it because I’m lazy.

and yeah, no where have I seen it mentioned that terry’s C fireball eats projectiles. literally no where. the fact that it eats ex projectiles like Elizabeth’s is so hype to me.


That’s real odd. That’s been in since the arcade version. No biggie though. If we can find a use for it though, I’ll be happy. I want to use it more.


Yeah, I forgot to put it in there when I first made Terry’s page. Sorry. I only played Arcade version for like a total of 4 days of the entirety of its lifespan and I couldn’t get as much testing down as I wanted. When I do an editorial rehaul of the wiki, I should be sprucing up and cutting down on errors. I apologize for any current, inaccurate information that’s on there.


No problem, Laban. Terry seems really simple, but you learn new stuff every day about him.

I didn’t know his EX Buster Wolf had forward body invincibility until I stopped a Lvl 4 dropkick with it and traded the last hit with him.


Hey everyone,

I’m a long-time casual fighting game player (i.e. scrub) who has really gotten into SSFIV and my buddy hooked me up with KOF XIII. I am totally set on learning Terry and have been practicing with plans to complete his trials and I seem to have no problem cancelling circle into charge moves. However, CANNOT do Trial 3 to advance any further. I am totally stuck on cancelling his Rising Upper into a Power Geyser. Everytime I do it, it seems I get a Power Wave or nothing at all. Is the linking frame really short or something? I’ve watched Vesper Arcade do it on Youtube about 100 times and my timing seems to mirror his, but I just can’t get it! Help!


This was a quote from an earlier post I made, hope it helps!

After you “tiger knee” the motion, you quickly do hcf and there you go.


Good tip Reiki i also was looking for that shortcut.