[KOFXIII] Terry Bogard


Thanks for the tip guys, but it’s actually something more elementary I’m having trouble with.
The combo is JumpFoward HK, Neutral HK, DownForward HP, Power Geyser (which I am doing as QCB, HCF B) Did no one else have trouble with this? It seems like the DF HP just doesn’t flow naturally into the Power Geyser input.


Just do it fast? I don’t think there is any short cut for that. DFHP QCB, HCF HP

I always felt there was enough time to buffer it, at least more so than previous kofs.


I had the same exact problem. the window is very short, and I’ve done it properly without crazy mashing a grand total of once. what you want to do is abuse the ability to input more moves than the actual trial combo requires. for example, what I did was…

j.D, st,D, df+C, qcb+A [DC] qcb, hcf+A/C.

as you can see, I shoved a burn knuckle in there, which gave me more time to buffer into the power geyser. I have crap execution and I’m playing on pad, so I had to use this method. I think you my get even more lenient timing is you use EX burn knuckle after df+C instead.


This game is HARD. I can’t even imagine the older games.


Not really worth spending the 50% drive on that though, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, Power Geyser input is qcb,db,f+P not qcb,hcf+P, knowing that might help.


Make sure you are hitting the last direction in every move before pressing the button.


if your trying to do the combo in actual matches, then yes, it is not worth doing it that way. the way I described is just a scrubby method to beat trail mode.


what HD combos are you guys using in the corner? most of the terry stuff i’ve seen has him starting with his back close to the corner. in my matches the opponent is usually cornered.


Yea, that’s no fun really. I’ve been trying to work on an HD combo that’s the most damaging for the least amount of damage. Here’s one that I have tried:

j.D, st.D, f+A [HDA], st.D, f+A, qcb+A, [HDC] qcb+D, d~u+C, [HDC] qcb+AC, qcb+A, ~delay till the opponent is really close to the ground~ d~u+C, [HDC] qcb+C, ~delay~ [HDC] qcb+D => Finisher

If you finish with d~u+C, it’s about 707
If you finish with d~u+AC, it’s about 737.
If you finish with a [HDC] qcb+AC, it does about 747

Other finishers aren’t as useful. You can actually play around with this combo and throw in more meter where you like. You can put an EX burn knuckle in the front, but you won’t be able to do the rest of the combo because qcb+D will whiff and it puts your opponent at the PERFECT height to cancel into qcb+AC and hit them for a pop-up. You can put in a tiger kneed Rising Tackle and finish with regular Power Geyser for a little extra damage. It’s probably the most damaging 1 stock move you have. You can force a hard knockdown too with an EX Crackshoot as well.

Lot you can do, but Terry’s not Mr. “I’ll beat the crap out of you” when he’s in the corner because his EX Power Geyser, Neomax, and EX Buster Wolf just don’t hit all hits in the corner so your big damage isn’t useful in the corner.


An Ex Terry would be great. What do you think? I miss Terry’s power dunk and fire kick. :slight_smile:


So I did some tinkering around with Mr Bogard and found a basic safejump setup that he has on both of his hard knockdowns. If you throw them mid-screen and super jump immediately afterwards, or if you combo into Ex crack shoot in the corner and hyper hop immediately after. It’s not the fanciest set-up in the world but I’ve tested this on every character that has an anti-air reversal that is easy to abuse on wake-up and it works every single time. The only things that it will lose to are wake up command throws, but I’m sure those can be jumped if you see them coming.


Will give that a shot, thanks!


Another simple safe jump : EX Crackshot, back dash, jump forward.

EDIT, made a mistake with the hop ^^


So I’ve started to use cl.D now, since Iv’e realized that the damage output in combos increases when you use it instead of of cl.C, and I’ve realized that the hit box can catch hops, like kyo’s or iori’s cl.C (only not as good, I’d imagine). so having discovered this, is there any practical reason to use cl.C over cl.D, besides being an easier hit confirm?


cl.C is a faster move. It’s 4 frames whereas cl.D is like 5-6 frames. Being a slower move makes it harder to use as a frame trap.


was this guy just showing whats possible with terry or is this combo possible? will a full 5 bars and drive gauge allow this combo?


are you talking about the last combo he did on the video? yeah, its possible, he uses 5 bars in the combo, so it can be done in a real match.


hey isnt that fireball, fireball neomax a 3 bar super? i saw 2 EX crack shots, 1 neomax, and 1 normal buster wolf. isnt that 6 bars needed?


Holy damn. That run under EX Burn knuckle combo is actually legit…


he did 2 ex burn knuckles (2 stock), a neomax (2 stock) and a buster wolf (1 stock). when you activate HD mode, a neomax only cost two stock. otherwise it cost a full HD meter and 3 stock, as you said.