[KOFXIII] Terry Bogard


ah i had no idea a neomax needed only 2 bars with HD activated. thanks:)


I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this yet, but Trinity Geyser can hit 4 times midscreen under certain circumstances, which makes it do 75 x 4 for 300 damage.

I don’t know if it’s possible to set up in other ways, and it’s really dependent on the enemy’s location in the air, but it happens most often when I do the following combo, which requires HD + 4 meters. I’m not sure if it’s character specific, since I’ve only tested it on Mr. Karate*. At the moment of the NeoMAX freeze, the opponent should be above Terry’s head after being blown away by the Buster Wolf. The positioning is very finicky, they can’t be too low or too high, but at the moment I’m able to get it to happen around 60% of the time.

s.C f+A or c.B c.A c.C HD s.D f.A qcb+AC (DC) d~u+C (DC) qcb+C (DC) d~u+C (DC) qcb+C (DC) qcb+B qcfx2+K xx qcfx2+AC
Start with c.B c.A c.C : 920 Damage
Start with s.C f+A: 965 Damage

*No failures yet, characters worked on so far:
Mr. Karate, King, Raiden, Kyo, Chin.

I think it’s safe to say that it works on everybody for the moment.

Ah, nevermind, 'twas already posted on DreamCancel in March.


That’s not bad. The notation wasn’t visible last time I remember, but yea, that’s pretty interesting since it seems you have enough time to link a special. Might want to fix the notation on Buster Wolf from punches to kicks though, but thank you for the contribution.


I didn’t realize Terry’s EX Buster wolf went through fireballs. I should have read the guide earlier.


It has always said that in the movelist properties though. But it doesn’t hurt to add that to the individual move description. But it’s hardly new.


I’m a little confused here. you do realize the post your quoting is from Dec 23, 2011? and at the time of writing, I did not see this mentioned anywhere, including the SRK wiki, or the DC wiki/forums. In fact, I added it the SRK wiki myself shortly after making the post. so of coarse its old news now.


Hah err, I’m not sure what happened :stuck_out_tongue: Somehow I was looking in the wrong place for the newest post or whatever. Oh well.


So I just picked up this game today with a few dozen hours spent into previous kof games. I am wondering, based on my short knowledge thus far of the kof13 system, why terry is regarded as a low tier and/or bad character? He really seems like he has some good mixup opportunities and pretty safe advancing, even though his normals are a bit shaky. Is there something about his playstyle that im missing or is he in a position like ryu (sf4) where he is just an everyman that no one has really “unlocked” yet?


His combos are easy, but his damage potential is either really limited or kind of overshadowed by how unsafe his options are. You have to guess or use your normals almost religiously with Terry at higher level play. Terry can be pretty linear and he has no decent mixups except for with meter. These types of things let other characters out perform him in versatility, but using his normals to pressure work better than depending on gimmicky stuff.


Does he sit well as a mid on a team then? Since he can utilize meter really well it makes sense to put him as a middle character so he can use up all the meter the point character has built up. Doesnt so seem like he would be a good anchor because of the aforementioned lack of versatility.


When you learn how to use his normals and pressure people with blockstrings, you won’t really have a problem with meter. I play Terry first and that’s usually death, but after some serious practice, he’s one of my best characters. Utilizing his normals, which are great, is key, as well as moderate aggression


Not meaning to Necro but I think this is the best place to post it. So i’ve got Terry’s basic HD combo and Burn Knuckle Crackshoot into ender combos but now i’m working on his HD Burn Knuckle corner loop combo and i’m having an issue. So here’s the notation for what i’m doing.

St.C, (HD Activate), Cl.D, F+A, QCB+A xx QCB+AC xxRising Tackle C xx QCB+C [ xx Rising Tackle C xx QCB+C xx Rising Tackle C xx loop ]

The problem i’m having is inside the brackets. I can do the first rep but the second time the rising tackle will come out insanely fast and will NOT let me do another burn knuckle. I’ve seen this done in the corner and as mid-screen but for some reason it only drops after the 2nd rising tackle


A nice two bar HD combo reerence for Terry Bogard players.


Main thing in new Terry i dont like is his burn knuckle his comeback time really delay now