[KOFXIII] The Southtown Concept

[LEFT]Southtown Concept:
The theoretical concept of optimizing ideas for team construction. Dismissing the typical, “pick your favorite characters” type of of build, there are several builds in KOFXIII that players may seek to use in order to come out on top during tournament play. One of the heavier influences of a team’s order select is meter building and meter consumption. This concern surfaces from the situation in which 3 characters have to share both drive and super meters. Certain characters benefit marginally different goals or abilities depending on the amount of meter the character can consume and how much of it the player sees fit to use it during a particular matchup. In this concept, it will be assumed that players will place meter building characters on point.

Metagame in the United States is very early in development and this concept may be taken with a grain of salt. However, more constructive feedback and ideas instead of mindless criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Athena, Kula, Yuri are characterized as pixies in this concept. Pixies in a very general sense (not particularly addressing any matchups) can be very hard to zone against have have very solid tools to help pressure an opponent and rushdown when need be. The nature of their walk speed, run speed, jump arcs, character size, abilities to rushdown, ability to efficiently move around the screen, dynamically changing battle ranges on a whim, all share some sort of a dp, and ability to reflect projectiles (in Yuri’s case, just negates projectiles) is the reason I’ve decided to label these characters as such.

**“Are You Okay” Build (Top Tier Build): **
A common team construction in order to gain matchup advantage throughout all 3 characters in the fight. This was seen in the SBO top 8 for the arcade version of KOFXIII when many of the teams were (K’, Raiden, insert 3rd high tier character here). The idea behind this type of team build minimizes risks in favor of completely dominating team.

All around Build:
The basic idea around this build is to have a vareity of characters achieve different goals. In order to prepare for an unfavorable situation, the teams’ concern may address different character playstyles. In the event that for some reason that rushing down was not a favorable tactic, the second character with the ability to zone may prove more effective. Across all 3 characters that are chosen, each one serves a unique purpose to obtain a win. Something like (Kyo, Clark, Athena) would be an example.

One Character Playstyle Build (OCP Build):
A team build strictly focusing on one primary goal to achieve victory. This type of team exclusively meets the player’s personal needs during combat.

***Examples of OCP builds:***[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Grapple Team - A team generally focused on achieving damage through effectively setting up command grab scenarios. If you find that grabbing your opponent is easier than hitting him, something like (Maxima, Vice, Clark) may be in your best interest.

Rushdown Team - If a player dominates using almost primarly a rushdown style a play, he may be interested in only choosing characters that achieve this particular goal (K’, Kula, Shen)

Zoning Team - When a player wants to heavily focus on out zoning the opponent, controlling space, or dominating in projectile wars, he may seek a team such as (Billy, Ash, King).

Keepaway Team - Similarly to but not synamous to zoning, the goal with such a team is to exhaust the opponent while running down 60 seconds or until death of the opponent’s character. Generally, zoning characters and pixies accomplish this goal very well, such as (Athena, Saiki, Kula).

That type of deeper character synergy is pretty good and I do see that a lot in competitive environments.

Nice thread.

I haven’t touched the game yet, but from what I’ve seen from gameplay videos I would probably go with either Robert or Andy for first just for a balanced character to build meter with and just tackle the opponent with everyday things, Vice would be for second with mixups and mid range grapple tactics with that long arm she has, and King for third in the clutch for mostly zoning, crossovers, and maybe a little rushdown sprinkled on top implemented with that slide she has among other things. Does that seem like a decent strategy to you or no? Looking at the format you just typed up the closest thing it would seem I would want would be an all around build.

Other characters I’ve been kicking around are Duo Lon, Leona, Elisabeth, Kula, Ash, and Benimaru. I’m sure I’ll change team members plenty before I’ve found what I’m truly comofortable with or just in the case of knowing a particular matchup.