[KOFXIII] Yuri Sakazaki


LOLZ I do that every time I start a HD combo… If you guys want to do research, please report to this webpage!

Back to the lab, I go! I’m going to see if I can choreograph some more practical HD combos other than the ones already known…


If you can’t win into the airs, don’t jump. Takuma and Duo Lon are both very specific matchs ups against Yuri. The reason is simple : You knock them down once, they’re doomed.
On point those match up can quite hard, but you can rely on your A Saifa to build meter against Takuma if he fireballs or rush him like hell if he doesn’t. And just play defensively against Duo Lon and make him pay the slightiest mistake.

What I like with Yuri is the fact that you can spend some meter to open the guard near instantly and then kill with a deadly hd combo (2 Ex kills into corner, full screen is 810+, 4 Ex kills full screen). That’s why I use her as an anchor for now, since the slighiest dive kick or d.B is confirmed into a dead character. But she isn’t that great to make amazing comebacks ala Iori. Because of her quite floppy arc jumps and lake of abuzing normals (such as Claw/Kyo s.C and C or specials Jumps) or SDM (Kyo/Karate) or just stupidly high damages (Claw/Shen).


This is actually common knowledge but I need to put this here: A Yuri Sakazaki 100% HD corner combo loop! (Also known as the “Butt Loop”

Now for a personal take on her. I play Yuri as a point character for meter building purposes (Though she is easily viable for all positions, due to the nature of her game play) Yuri’s meterless combos can help her batter the opponent all to hell - Her st.A leaves her at +1 frame on guard - Yuri’s d.B is a very good hit confirm and frame trap tool - +3 on guard - very nice.
But, just make sure you use Yuri’s normal wisely here because her reach is short. Yuri also has very good cross-up set ups and you can bait out a lot unsafe reversal easily with the use of her dive kick and utilize a punish combo. Yuri’s A version Saiha causes a hard knockdown (so if you really are fighting against Duo Lon or Takuma well… good luck to them) Yuri possesses invincibility on several of her moves (A version Chou Upper - a very slight invincibility - EX Chou Upper has a very good amount of invicibility. There is also some invincibility on Yuri’s EX command grab - all of the moves mentioned above can go THROUGH a lot of moves too… such as Kyo’s NEO MAX for example). Yuri’s zoning game is decent at best - you can utilize Raiouken series can be used to zone the opponent and capitalize off of a knockdown. You can also use Yuri’s EX command grabs to catch people using normal trying to poke you out.
I enjoy playing Yuri myself - can be played in multiple ways very good tools.


Here is an early Christmas gift for those who are curious about Yuri’s Butt Loop combo - courtesy of Illgamesh


Yuri seems to get very good damage output, even without meter. But in order to dish out some really damaging combos for the win, Yuri is going to need meter and some good execution rhythm.
Yuri dp+B or D can be used to drive cancel from her command grab. DP+B~C can hurt the reeling opponent and you follow up with a DP+A and drive cancel/hyper cancel into something else… do a little wall carry. Yuri has really nasty corner pressure. Don’t forget to use her Dive Kick - it can be used for both offensive options (cross-ups, pressure, rush down) and defensive maneuvers (changing the trajectory of jumps, baiting unsafe moves, trapping opponents). Yuri has many practical tools. It seems like Yuri can be played very well under any team position. Yuri also has plenty of anti-air options (d.C, st.C, st.A, st.B, DP+A, Saiha which is safer, CD)…

Here is a tournament video of NEC XIII: There is plenty of Yuri game play. Watch, learn, and enjoy!



I think what makes Yuri so strong is her ability, when in on you, to change to an equally viable gameplan.
Like she can depend on her command grab setups, which are good. She can focus on poking and landing divekick mixups. She can keep poking and work her way in with normal pressure and mixups, especially with her normal cross ups. She has so many options to kind of get in on people that you can’t really play against her thinking she’ll stick to one tactic.


Here is a small video presenting a standardized 2 meter HD combo for Yuri.



Here is a revised 2 Bar HD combo for Miss Little Gouki… a.k.a Yuri. This was done a while ago however - here you go!


Here is another Yuri combo sample - a Butt Loop Variant done by myself -



Also, JuiceboxKing has a cut and dry tutorial here for those who are new to the game and want to know the character that is known as… Yuri Sakazaki herself.



In terms of team positioning (in mid/high level game play), Yuri is generally played as a second character or on anchor because she benefits SOOOOOOO much with meter and her mix ups and general damage output increases exponentially. And, of course, Yuri can kill an opponent with just two meters with an HD combo. Don’t EVER forget to utilize her dive kick! It is a relatively safe options for starting an offense and mixing up the opponent! Even the legendary Gouki himself could relate and learn a thing or too from the mighty Yuri Sakazaki LOL
Yuri’s EX HCB+K special move also does an un scaled 100 damage for its use and will catch opponents in mid air during combos. I’ve gotten 711 damage from a typical Yuri combo because of it. Romance, the Yuri specialist himself, uses the move every now and then because it has slight invincibility start up and it causes a hard knockdown.
Please learn how to play Yuri! She is a fun character to utilize!


So i am completely new to learning kof and i am trying to get the butt loop down but at about the 3rd rep the butt usually gets blocked after st.C any help for this?


Yuri gets pushed back a little during the Butt Loop combo. My method is just pressing forward during the st.C. You should notice that Yuri barely moving forward during the combo shortly before the following st.C. It will keep Yuri close to the opponent as you conduct the combo.
Press forward whilst pressing st.C, then input the f+A so that it can still register as a combo.


Thank’s alot Hero very helpful stuff. :smiley:

And if you don’t mind me asking what would be some good blockstrings/frametraps & combos to get me started other than cr.B, cr.B, st.B xx DP?

Edit: I seem to be improving at it but just to make sure i just hold forward the entire time right? Like im not meant to do a slight walk in then do st.C correct? Also does it matter at all on the timing of the air fireball?


The problem with Yuri is that her block strings are rather linear. If you are going for a block string while trying to pressure the opponent, end the block string with cr.B as Yuri is +3 frames on block. At the mid range, you can occasionally resort to qcf+A after canceling st.B to space yourself away from the opponent to readjust your offense.
Also, here are the frame traps provided by Amedo and the fellow members of Dream Cancel.
(L) = Link, can be a frame trap as well.
1.) st. A, cl. C
2.) st. A, cr. C (L)
3.) cr. A, far C
4.) cr. A, cl. C (L)
5.) cr. A, cr. C (L)
6.) cr. A, cl. D
7.) st. B, cr. C
8.) cr. B, far C
9.) cr. B, cl. C (L)
10.) cr. B, cr. C (L)
11.) cr. B, cl. D
12.) air d/f+D, any ground normal attack base on spacing


Thank you soo much.

I cant wait to get into this game and get good at it i have a long way to go though lol soo much info to digest it’s insane will probably be maining Yuri & King yet to find a third i like only started playing kof13 yesterday.

Might try EX Iori when Steam Edition drops.


A present for all Yuri Sakazaki players:





Safe Meaty set-up. 1 Frame. Shout outs to Marchefelix.


We got some pretty crazy combos here!




Short combo video by Persona:



Doing Yuri’s trials



KOFXIII A1Major Footage (start at 2:06 for Yuri)



Minor notes and personal insight:
For the most part, I would mostly consuming the super meter for EX HCB+K (has quite a bit of start up invincibility and will go through fire balls), EX Demon Flip Fire Balls for mix up attempts/okizeme, EXDM (which is also very good for finishing long term HD juggle combos), and for Yuri’s fire ball DM to catch opponents off guard/jumping from longer distances.
Yuri can be considered versatile when it comes to offense but she has to get in the opponents face carefully while on the offensive, due to the range of her normals. For anti-airing the opponent, go for st.A, st.B, cr.C, hop j.B, Saiha (qcb+P on a pre-emptive basis).
Note: You can cancel some of her normals into her special moves. Example, should you hit the opponent with st.B while they are in mid air, Yuri can still use her Demon Flip throw to bypass the air reset state. This also includes her cr.D and her CD attacks.
If you have a full drive meter and 2 bars, Yuri can simply resort to her Butt Loop to kill the opponent, even if the player just confirms into while the opponent is cornered.
Yuri can also go for relatively simply corner carries during HD juggle combos (DP+A [HDC] DP+D, C, DP+A [HDC] DP+D, C, etc] and then finish the juggle in the corner. A relatively easy 700+ damage off of one bar in that way. Be sure to keep Yuri’s mix up and pressure game in mind while playing her. Again, she is can be very versatile when she is one the offense, having a command grab (one frame and a running version), a decent DP, several great anti-air options, a dive kick, and damage output. Be sure to optimize all of Yuri’s options. She takes very good advantage of the KOF system which is part of the reason why this character is noteworthy in high level game play.


Two great Yuri players go at it!