KOFXIV DLC's Leaked list

日本 (慎吾)
龍虎の拳 (琢磨)
餓狼伝説 (Blue Mary)
南米 (ブラジルのMMAファイター)
公式招待(shapeshifter ファイター(アッシュ、八代とKrizalid))
もうひとつの世界 (リー)
K’ (Whip)
イカリ (ハイデルン)
矢上 (英二)
メキシコ (Vanessa)
キム (Jhun)
南の町 (山崎)
サイコソルジャー (バオ)
女性のファイターズ (和美)
悪役 (Raiden)
中国 (ジンChonrei)

Oh God

Are any of those Gato?

Also, HYPE AS FUCK. Every single leak for this game just makes you pay more attention to it. Companies need to start doing this and let the hype build up towards the character. Same thing happened with UMvC3 and it made that wait way more enjoyable.

Why is Vanessa listed as Mexico?, that’s weird

Sucks that Bao got in over Momoko (he’s cool but still)

But it is a pretty cool list, hope it’s true.

That’s what I thought. Although her nationality hasn’t been confirmed so perhaps she is Mexican.

Naw no Gato


Blue Mary
Jin Chonrei
New Brazilian MMA Fighter
New Shipshifter



probably, well, she was on Ramon’s team also in previous games, anyways she is one of those that comes to my attention from that list, she Yamazaki and Sshingo are hype for me

If there’s any truth to that ‘DLC leak’, that’s a very safe and conservative list for KOF fans. I’m amused and a little surprised to see SNK appear to follow-through on excluding any Tales of Ash characters due to the ending of KOFXIII. Kind of can’t be a coincidence I feel.

Is ‘Lee’ Lee Pai Long from AOF?


:o :o :o :o
google translate almost gave me a heart attack with that yashiro

Is there inconsistency when they write Yashiro or do the always use the same kanji?

Tnx for the update I just need Chris Now, hopefully we also get regular Yashiro at one point

Where does this leak come from?

Bao will be older (teenager) and powerful

Lee is Mui Mui Friend from Dragon Gal Pachinko

Shipshifter Fighter have 3 transformations, representing Orochi (Yashiro), Nests (Krizalid) and “from the Past” (Ash)

damn not even a mention of Elisabeth or Shen :sad:

Damn it, no B Janet or Shiki.

Because she’s like the official character of Mexican ggpo players

No Shen…

My heart. It’s sinking…

You’re on my hit list if this shit isn’t true.

For real though, I really like the idea. I can only hope this is true…

Edit: I also see Shingo on there as well :smiley:

Despite being with sony they don’t put cross promotion… nice to see Takuma again