Koh's sketch dynamite

I haven’t drawn very much in the past few months, but I’ve been inspired so much recently, I decided I’d start drawing more and actually get into ccad.

You guys can toss crits around and any advice, though these are just sketches, any insight and input is valuable to me.

Well here they are.

This one took me 2 hours, with a reference for the anatomy.

This one took me an hour, no reference." aka pure shit anatomy"

I’ll keep you guys updated with new sketches and stuff as they come along.

Kool pics, the first one i would like more if you had him in a shooting posture…and the second, i wish she had more hair =p

Nice pics :tup:

I was originally going to make him in “shooting” stance, but I was intrigued by this site, it has alot of usefull reference poses, so I picked one and messed with it a bit.

Haha, sorry about the mohawk, I just didn’t feel like covering up the head.


thats a nasty sketch you have there XD


What do you mean, hahaha.

Make a self-portrait =]

I will do one soon, I have an older one somewhere though, did I ever show you?

And why aren’t you in SRKvampire =(

I finished a new painting in “painter” Last night, I’m working on another one, I’ll post it here too when I’m done.

I’m gonna apply to Art center in Pasadena if anyone here goes, or is in Pasadena, I’ll be done with my portfolio in the winter time, gonna knock out some of the liberal arts classes then transfer, too much sexy money for me.

Heres something, I’ve been working on tonight, It’s a bit small and not finished yet.

Woah, MEGAhandy link! CHeers :slight_smile:

Nice pics btw. Be cool to see some finished stuff.

I’m still just practicing stuff right now, I’ll finish something one of these days.