Koihime † Enbu

Another new fighter for ALL.Net P-ras MULTI.


PV nicovideo.jp/watch/1392272529

M2 are working on this.

Well this isn’t really a NEW game, looks like a new revision of Koihime Musou.

True, I think there’s meant to be some new characters though.

Koihime Musou was great so I’m all for this. Can’t wait to see some actual gameplay.

Three new characters shown at the begining of the video. I quite enjoyed the gameplay of Shin Koihime musou, so hoping this update/revision gets a home release. With the PS3 ver coming out this month, I’d hope for a DLC update…

EDIT: Never mind, I’m an idiot.

Character page is up: koihime-ac.jp/character.html, there’s also some screenshots to look at and you can listen to some of the voice samples as well.

Sega is taking the word “Anime” to another level.

The game looks really fun :slight_smile:

A little off-topic but I saw that the PS3 version of the game is up on JP PSN Store. Has anyone tried it? does it have netplay?

The words is yes on netplay. but how good or active is another story.

Location test coming soon, according to their [url=“https://twitter.com/koihime_ac”]Twitter

Location test this Saturday and Sunday at Akihabara, hopefully some footage will emerge.

i have the first game on ps3 now. PSN =K-bas

Errrr, I wasn’t paying attention but this is out, and has been since the 17th.

Just a heads up, Koihime†Enbu will be released PS3 & PS4 sometime in September (isn’t this around the time the last game came out?).

The first printing limited edition of the game will include an original soundtrack, and it will retail for 8,800 yen (US$71). The standard package edition will retail for 6,800 yen (US$55), and the standard download edition will retail for 5,800 yen (US$47).

Official Website: http://www.yetigame.jp/koihime_enbu/

Well that’s interesting to say the least. I guess it must have been doing pretty decent in arcades then. Haven’t really heard much about it in a couple years, but I’m always glad for more fighters to hit console.

yes yes thank you. i thought it’ll be year till we get this. I’l be double dipping this for sheer support…

I’ll be getting this when it comes out, I know that for sure. I’m hoping for a PC port sometime in the future.

THE ULTIMATE 2D FIGHTING GAME EVER!!! It’s cool they are adding online multiplayer.