Koihime † Enbu

Just a heads up, Koihime Enbu is getting a Steam release and it comes out next month.

Gematsu article: http://gematsu.com/2016/04/koihime-enbu-coming-west-pc-via-steam-may

Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/452420/

Everything from the PS4/PS3 version will be in the Steam release so yay for PC online play.

Any word on whether the Steam release has crossplay with consoles?

No, there is no cross-play with the PS3/PS4 versions. Straight PC only. Sorry man.

Koihime Enbu @ EVO 2016 (AnimeEVO)

Better resolution will be comming later

New Character & Assist added into Koihime Enbu Arcade Version as of Dec 27, 2016

Zhang Liao


Kaku Bunwa


:: Screenshots ::






:: Character Demostration ::


In addition to this, a new strategy mode has been added into the current training mode and there were character balances (I think).

  • Also, a new indicator has been added for when a fatal counter has been executed. Players now are able to see what 3 options they have used during a combo.
  • Players are now able to choose any assist partner they want rather than being binded to only a choice of 2 depending on which faction character you go with.

Talked to Degica Games during the end of the Koihime Enbu online tournament and they said they’ll talk to Unknown Games in regards to adding her to the Steam version of the game. No comment in regards to the PS4/PS3 version.

just re-downloaded both games after a hdd upgrade on my ps3

anyone got an explanation why Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Taisen Sangokushi Engi is 8.1gb and Koihime Enbu is only 1.5gb ??

what has been cut??

No idea but nothing has been cut from what I know.

I try this game and from anime games for me this is best i really was pleasantly surprised

just checked both games out briefly and the vanilla version has a very comprehensive tutorial mode, similar to the gg xrd one,

they should have left it in for koihime enbu aswell

Inb4 never getting that content in the west.

Actually, I’ve already talked to Degica Games and they said they’re going to talk to Unknown Games in regards to bringing the character to the west.

Anyone play this on PS4? I would like to play more than one game every two hours online if possible.

New version is now out on Steam and PS4!