Kolin Matchup Thread



Discuss strategies against specific characters here.


Guys, I’ll start it off with a matchup I just can’t seem to overcome.

It’s big, it’s hairy, it grabs you!

I lost all my matches against this character. I’m afraid I’ll see his CA startup animation in my dreams.

How the freak can you beat this guy?

Aside from standard anti-Gief stuff like throwing him on wakeup, my approach has been:

  • Hailstorm as much as possible (watch out for V-Trigger that sucks you in from pretty far away)
  • cr.MK and b.HK
  • sometimes standing counter because they always press jabs, knees and HK
  • V-Skill through the charged HP

It hasn’t been enough for me. Any of you guys have some tips?


light dash to p followup occasionally. EX light dash to p followup to blow up pretty much any meaty attempt. Gief should basically not be able to jump at all because of v skill



Are there any ways to make Kolin immediately throw invincible? Backdash and jumping are okay, but when Gief or Akuma super grab you, you gotta be more than just “a bit unthrowable”. ^^


Feels good -

I don’t know -

Feels tough -




I am having a LOT of trouble with Guile and Shotos. Not sure what to do about fireball pressure.


In the I don’t know slot like most the cast, I just haven’t run into a very diverse amount of characters online so I can’t comment. 80% of my matches are against Balrog/Urien at the moment. I just know she has a hard time against characters with fireballs.


I also feel like you have to outmaneuver fireballs the old-fashioned way. Closing the distance towards a Guile has been a mix of neutral jumping and LK command dash into punch followup through the booms.


do light dash into silver edge, get blocked, lose the game in SPD roulette

solid advice


Dude, no need to pick on him like that. Any advice is useful and a place to start, at least.

You did however mention my biggest problem with this matchup: getting SPD’d all over the place because any “get in quick” options we have leave us in range and negative enough for the piledriver. Also, even EX Vanity Step is no safe escape option, since it can still be thrown.

AFAIK, there is no way to make Kolin immediately throw invincible except CA, right? The struggle is real.


Backdash is throw invincible. The basic mixup is to backdash or ex vanity out. One is throw invincible, one is strike invincible.

Versus gief though it’s also wise to try a few neutral jumps as well. If he st.hks you then you get juggle reset. If he sods then you get a combo.

The primary way for him to beat this is with his headbutt. But your ex vanity goes through that and through the st.hk as well.


You can force Gief where you want him with Hailstorm if you play midrange. He’s going to have to back up and give you more screen space or dash/jump forward into your range unwillingly. Hailstorm > buffer cr.mp > be ready to AA if jump is a thing I like doing.

Hailstorm is really fucking good at controlling neutral against slower characters with bad long range punish options. Never do it against a Urien or Rog if you know they have charge though, free knockdown for them.


I’m still trying to figure it out the best “behavior” on some matchs. Laura and Cammy are matchs I feel good only when I get myself turtling and waiting to punish/counter whenever is necessary, although I struggle to get away when cornered. Fang, Ryu and Guile I just had success when acting like a crazy on the back dash mix. I had a hard time against birdie, but just saw on a video that we can counter his chains, it may be a game changer. Ken is also a match I didn’t have trouble yet, since his neutral game is based on loaded and signed moves (very easy to counter).

Bison is full pressure and I can’t handle his close game =\


I haven’t fought many good Vegas yet, but I can see Kolin out-turtling him.
Her counter range is pretty far, it registers at about the same range as her st.MP(?), which means she can counter his whiffed pokes.
That’s a big deal, forcing Vega to be the aggressor.

Kolin can melt Bison if he’s too predictable, and she has good options to deal with his mix-up devil’s reverse.
Not sure about his ground pressure, she might need to go in w/ VS or make some hard reads.

Every grappler is a chore so far. Alex seems 5-5 at best.

Guile is a difficult match-up, VS isn’t very good against booms, he can keep her out pretty easily since she doesn’t have the best framedata.


Cammy is a pretty good matchup IMO your b.hk counters her c.mk and s.mk, after frustrating her in footsies and turtling, They Will surely starts to divekick You, which You can counter on reaction, The constant pokes with b.hk and c.mk plus The few punishes You May get per round and The subsequent Oki, paired with The 240dmg and 300 stun of The ex counter makes her a pretty Solid pick against cammy, if she does her st.lk meaty pressure You need to know a few things, c.lp wins against 3f and has almost no pushback so beware of tick throws, but if she uses her c.lk you can trade with a 3f and she has to microwalk to throw you.
This was against a ultra platinum cammy so it may work for the majority of cammys.


Use b. Hk and c. Mk to encourage her to divekick, which you should counter, huge dmg against cammy low health = pretty solid MU


And i feel like crap against urien, laura and rog, its impossible to react with a counter to ex tackle and rog lp dash in footsies, add to the fact that you need to react if he goes low or mid and its just a waste of time to try and counter dashpunch, havent played thatmuch against rig as i hace against urien tho so i feel like urien is the worst of the two.


Urien and Laura, god. Tough matchups


It’s possible (but still pretty hard) to react to the second hit of EX tackle with a counter. For some weird reason I haven’t played many Uriens lately but that’s something I’m trying to practice in that matchup since it’s a total game changer.

As for matchups in general, I think Balrog and Guile are both a nightmare. Rashid could turn out to be awful as well.

Out of the top tiers I think she does best against Cammy thanks to big damage counters and the combination of Cammy’s low stun + Kolin’s V-Trigger.


Thanks! Thats a real life-saver, i didnt knew you could do that, with that you could potentially shut down urien’s full screen unreactable 0-on-block gap closer, 150 or 240 dmg every time you use that is no joke