Kolin Tech Thread - ON YOUR KNEES!



You heard it here first, post all tech found in THIS thread. Much easier to find that way.



She gets decent/easy oki off her target combo into vehicle trigger if they have a 4 frame jab and quick get up.

And if they back rise you get a meaty c.mp that combos into s.hp.

If they have a 3 frame normals substitute c.mp with c.lp

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After forward throw, HP will crush counter 3 frame normals on quick rise. Wiffs of they dont press a button. You can buffer what ever you like since it only comes out if the press a button.




Only have one picture perfect Hailstorm set-up atm, only works midscreen.

cr.mp > st.mk xx m.hailstorm > dash forward.

The icicle lands meaty against 3fs on both quick and backrise and allows Kolin to threaten anything for oki. Good set-up to keep people respecting you.


Welp. Back on my street fighter grind again. Gonna see how I feel about her, or just default back to Laura, who knows.


Double dash after the combo works better I think. After the single dash if kolin presses nothing then the icicle misses the opponent. Kolin has to press a button to get push the opponent into the icicle.

Double dash beats 4 framers on both rises easily and trades against 3 framers on backrise but kolin still gets cr.mp on the trade

This setup is even nastier if you can guess the opponents rise:

Lp fireball against quick rise, immediate forward jump crossup icicle/j.lk

Mp fireball against backrise, dash, jump, crossup fireball j.lk




Who are you testing this on? I’m doing it vs. a Chun-Li dummy and it requires one dash for both rise options



Pressure string I just found.

cr.mp > st.mk xx EX Parabellum > m.vanity > first hit sweep xx EX Hailstorm(LP+MP) - beats both quickrise and backrise after dash in. Can use meterless versions if you want to time your own meaty without the ice balls doing it for you, I think…too tired to do manual meaty stuff.


This only works if the opponent stays down. It also works from back throw and CC sweep.


So I’ve been testing an interesting OS setup.

After cr lp, you can hit LP+LK and if they try to grab, it’ll do a tech, if they do nothing, you’ll grab, and if they try to attack, they’ll get CH by st lp (which can be confirmed).

I tested it on Chun, and it seemed pretty consistent. Can someone else confirm if this works?


I can’t stop watching this and cackling


I love it!


I got some of the combo stuff out of the way.

Crush counter for punishes is st hk. You can do stuff like:

CC st hk, slight walk forward st hp xx stuff
CC st hk, dash up cr mp, st mk hp target combo xx vskill/vtrigger

cr lk, cr lp xx qcf lp does 95 damage but 250 STUN

St hk links into st mp and st mk. Didn’t really go into counter hit stuff tonight.

She does a lot of stun damage which works well with her v trigger. Damage wise most I could find was like 438.


Ok SRK morning people who have not tried Helen yet here ya go:


That’s all the core bnb’s I could find most of them should be optimal. Now figure out better shit and make that vid worthless!!


And here is my Oki stuff so far



Heres all the stuff i accumulated over night:

Anti Ex headbutt

Anti DP

Set play