Kolon update - stick stopped working


Hey, I got TE arcade stick from ps3 and of course it worked as a legacy controller on my SFV on ps4 but after Kolin update it stopped working. I click as always legacy controller but its not working. Why is that any help?!


I know what you mean.
Well not exactly as my stick worked well when I got my colon updated, I just was afraid that I’d poop on her finger cuz it felt like I’d get bowel movement as soon as she went in.
Try something else maybe?


Kolon, LOL!


Seriously though:
No fucking clue. Capcom is not the best at updating Street Fighter lately. I know workarounds for pc but wouldn’t know what to do on ps4.


Yes, my sympatheties for you. My pad started acting like a retard since the Akuma update; I had to press RS2 to “wake the controller up”, any time I entered a new menu. Since the Kolin update it was fixed again though, thankfully. I am on PC, by the way. Can’t help you out, I’m afraid… Try tweeting to #StreetFighter, perhaps?