KombatNetwork presents: Project Injustice April 27th, 2013 in Red Bank, NJ

Yes players, after the currently planned KombatNetworkrelease party at The Gamer’s Edge on April 16th with VSM, 11 days later will be our first full on Injustice tournament. This will be at YesterCades, the fantastic Retro Arcade that also hosts the monthly event Red Bank Rumble. This is a chance for players to build up some tech with one or two characters on a relatively even playing ground and see how their skills fair against the others in the North East. After this, the road will only get more and more difficult to the top. This event will be run as a supplement to the Red Bank Rumble schedule.

We are hoping to get around 64 players for this event so please spread the word. In the past we have gotten players from the tri-state area, CT, MA, OH, MD, and even Canada at events so there’s definitely room for growth with what is already a solid representation of the regional. This is slated as a regional event with only Injustice as the featured game. There might be a side tournament for UMK3 if there’s time, but this will likely be entirely uncovered unless by hand held and uploaded later. Remember, our UMK3 cabinet is fitted with PS2 SuperGun support courtesy of GBursine, so you can plug in any PSX/2 controller or stick, configure your buttons and play as you wish.

We currently have a number of PS3 and 10+ Asus monitors available for this event so there will be no shortage of setups. Extra setups are welcome. I will arrange casuals similarly to Operation Wolf, and squeeze a couple more pool stations in the tournament room giving us 7+3. We currently do NOT have nearly enough 360s to cover this event so keep that in mind if there is any debate on what system it should be run on. A 360 demand will require players assisting us with setups. We are not opposed to moving to 360 for future events, with the recent chatter about 360 being a preferred system for the game, but that will come in time.

The 4:30 start time was negotiated down from 7PM for Operation Wolf. YesterCades does very high volume for walk ins on Saturday and runs numerous parties throughout the day. YesterCades is a business in a VERY expensive area of NJ, and we are not paying ahead of time for individual party blocks. This event is generously accepted entirely at the risk of YesterCades and our reputation to pull reasonable numbers that make it worth it. I have access to the tournament room approximately 4:10 PM by the time the last party clears out so I will have staff make a mad dash to get systems ready so players walking in at 4:30 will be able to sit down and play. The dedicated casuals should be ready by this time as well.

Recognize that this is a brand new game, match length will be unpredictable but likely short. If in the event matches run extremely long, the casual setups will have to be used for tournament matches in order to meet time frame guidelines. We will have anywhere from 7 to 8 hours to get the tournament finished which should be more than enough time for up to 64 players. If players want more time for casuals, we have to be more strict on pools.

Pizza Hut was a success for the last event, I might do this again when I get an idea of the turnout.


Date: April 27th, 2013
Time: 4:30 PM casuals until 6PM (parking is free on the street after 6PM)
Where: YesterCades
Game: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Venue fee: $15 (40% discount off the standard day pass = all day access to the venue itself, the 75 arcade games, 16 pinball machines and classic consoles in addition to casuals for Injustice, your cost is less than $2 per hour)
Tournament entry fee: $10
Cash split: 70/20/10 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Tournament time frame: between 6 and 7 PM until close (2 AM) or later if necessary as authorized by Ken
System: Tentatively PS3 unless there is a major push towards 360
Match format: 2/3 Winners and Losers Brackets, 3/5 Winners Finals, Losers Finals and Grand Finals
Bracket format: Random Seeding unless anyone from Civil War attends who places in the top 3, 32 player pools
Stream: KombatNetwork
Bonus: TBD
Prizes: TBD
Rules: IGAU - Stage Select for first match of a set should either be totally random, which is the stage auto-selected on Stage Select, or, the two players should choose their stages and random, after that, losing player may opt to change preferred stage; MK9 standard community tournament rules apply
Bans: TBD

Awards: Crown Trophy of New Hyde Park, NY courtesy of 9.95 - 1st through 8th place.

Hotel info:
(pricey but very nice)
Oyster Point Hotel - Red Bank (< 1 mile from YesterCades)
Molly Pitcher Inn - Red Bank (< 1 mile from YesterCades)
(cheaper generic)
Comfort Inn - Middletown, NJ (3.5 miles from YesterCades)
Courtyard Marriot - Lincroft, NJ (2.5 miles from YesterCades)
Extended Stay America - Red Bank (2.5 miles from YesterCades)

Feel free to post this on any gaming sites and help gain exposure for this event. I hope for 64 players but I want to get enough that we need scramble for more setups! Make this event a huge success and be there. Expect players from various games in the FGC to be there. Make it hype and keep it right! If I missed anything important let me know.

Facebook RSVP

Guest list update

Tom Brady
LI Joe
Sweet Johnny Cage
Claude VonStroke
Chrispy Cream
Mike Metroid
Jon Loor
Jon Nitti
Kyle Bowers
Ant West
Ray Riazy
Johnathan Guerrero
Harvey Danan
Dusty Raby
Anthony Medves
Crazy Dominican
Justin Tarlow
Darth Mao
Brewtus Bibulus
KT Smith
Dakota Lasky
Nicholas Souksay
Joseph Valenti
Heavy Garbage
Khanh Nguyen
Gregg Chainz
John Macone
Timothy Camenzind
Bond Ilyas
Seon Charles
Minh Giang
Sonic Fox
Mr kwiggle
Kevin Smalls
Ryan Jimenez
Chris Pellegrino


Thomas Kleissler
Carlos Arvelo
Justin Doc
Dark Natas
Jonathan Cruz
VGB Joe Kerr
Lt Box
Vito Devito
Dan Shoopman Gonzalez
Scoot Magee

Also free pizza, can I get some hype or do I have to bring my own hype? NO SRKers in the tristate area interested in this event?

I added Injustice rules:

Stage Select for first match of a set should either be totally random, which is the stage auto-selected on Stage Select, or, the two players should choose their stages and random, after that, losing player may opt to change preferred stage