Konami Hyperstick


Hello everyone, I’ve been a lurker for years but finally decided to create an account. I hope this, being my first post isn’t considered rude.

I just happened to score a Konami Hyperstick and considering how old these things are, I would like to upgrade it with some new hardware to give it back some life. I can’t seem to find any information regarding the specifics of how easily, if easy at all a Hyperstick can be modded.

Just looking at swapping the buttons out for new ones, and the stick with an “LS-56.” Is there any soldering required to do any of this? I’ve never used a soldering iron before, or owned an Arcade Stick–this is my first, so maintenance, upgrades etc. are all a new concept to me.

Would love some enlightenment on the matter.


Here’s a whole thread about the stick.


That thread answered none of my questions. Thanks for the “help.”


Try to play nice, Ace.

How bad are the buttons? If you’re not familiar with soldering and want to do this, you’re gonna have to learn a few different things and are going to need some tools as well. I suggest those 80’s videos about soldering on youtube, they are the best and apply to the hobby big time!

For starters I suggest a good clean up, lubrication would be great for the lever if you can, if the buttons aren’t too bad then use it the way it is, get used to it for a while. Get familiar with it. Look into all the different type of buttons and see what interests you. Paradise Arcade and Focus Attack have real nice websites with all kinds of info while you’re browsing.

The PCB in this is Hori, very compatible with a number of converters, so it’s a solid PCB. Some Hypersticks have a LS56 already in them, should check before anything, they clean easy and should be lubbed anyway, so you might already have a real decent stick in your hands without even knowing it.

On the other hand, if your goal is to completely replace all hardware, you might not have to solder at all, unfortunately you will have to pry and damage the PCB, that’s not ideal IMHO but it’s your stick.

Something about this whole thing is a miss though…bear with me for a second; You want a LS56 but know nothing about sticks, you get a Hyperstick which is one of the few sticks that uses the LS56 mount holes and want to mod it but this is your first stick and your first mod.

Isn’t that all too coincidental?

Either lurking has paid its dividends or someone is sweet talking you, if the latter you should ask them for some help. No newbie spews out the words LS56 and Hyperstick in the same topic, too much of a coincidence.


A. The joystick in the Hyperstick IS an LS-56
B. The buttons are Seimitsu PS-15 but they’re soldered to the PCB. They will need to be desoldered to be replaced.


“pushes glasses up on nose”
It has a short shaft ls56 and the playstation theme ps15s are unique to this stick.